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  Posted: Apr 27, 2012 8:54 PM FEED
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The homie @richievaldez is in the big leagues now! So tight. #streetleague

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Stopped by Oma today. 96.5 and still going strong. 👵🏼 💪🏼 #OmaVanSchie
My first OG Dutch #FrietjeMet on this trip. Might have been a sign I shouldn’t eat this stuff anymore.... (Swipe left) 🇳🇱😬🙈
@waldokroes & @_pennywise introduced me to skateboarding in the early 90s. 23 years later we’re still rolling together. The stoke is real. As is the body ache. 😂 Thanks for the photo @kees1986. #RollForever #ThankYouSkateboarding #ThankYouPunkRock
Always enjoy sharing my #socialmedia knowledge with people in the skateboard industry. Forever grateful that this is my job and people care about what I have to say. #FvSmediaOnTour 🇩🇪💻
King of the ramp. And the whole complex. Thanks @juliusdittmann for the tour of the @titus HQ. Super impressive. 🇩🇪💪🏼🤴
Bought my first skateboard here @burnside1988 in the early 90s cause @waldokroes took me here. Skated the park in the back a ton and visited most of their (punk rock) skate parties in those days. During the early days I saw how much of a community skateboarding can be, and how much I wanted to be a park of that. In my sales rep days for LEFT (@miesj911) in the early-mid 2000s they were always one of my favorite shops to deal with. In 2003-ish @florisgierman, who worked there at the time, approached me and ask if I wanted to sponsor a monthly skate night session. We sponsored with @emerica and after sending a recap email to @thisisjustinregan they posted about it on the Emerica website. Till this day I still remember feeling so honored, and at the same time thinking that the sky really is the limit. Live by your dreams and your ass will follow. I’m living proof. Thanks for everything @hermburnside. I’ll always look on the burn side of life. 🙏🏼 #thankyouskateboarding #startedinhollandnowimhere
Making it all look so good. Roaming around Breda with photo mastermind @ruudvanbragt. I shot the first photo, he took the other ones. #poserofthemonth @toreypudwill
Did the #SunsetMarch tonight with my mom. A war veteran walks across the new #WaalCrossing bridge each night, and each 30 feet a street light goes on. 48 lights total, for each soldier that died while trying to cross the Waal river in canvas boats, using their guns as paddles. All of this was part of #OperationMarketGarden. Nothing but respect. 🙏🏼🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦🇳🇱 #DeOversteek #82airbone
Great read! Been a while since I read a book. @rodneymullen autobiography is heavy but really good. 📚👍🏼 @judoair 👏🏼 #RodneyMullen
Thanks @ilseroodnat for not letting me fight with your husband to see who would be the nuts or butts today (and letting me ride your Harley). Super chill ride with @addie_knispel over the Dutch dikes. #HarleysInHolland #bikesondikes
Too bad the homie Willem was too busy with his.... (rhymes with @wienus 😂)
➡️➡️ The first photo may seem a bit depressing and sad.... Man date with @jayrone76 to the @skatecafeamsterdam. Trippy but super cool culinary experience. Place is sold out every night but Jay knew the owner so we got the last table left in the corner of the bowl. Can’t wait the skate the bowl though. Soon! #poolboeren #skatecafe
@sewakroetkov wanted to do an event while he was back in Holland and give back. I happened to be around too and @redbullned helped to make it happen. It’s been 10 years since I hosted a skateboard event in Holland, but I had a blast. Always nice to stoke out the next generation. The future is in good hands. Thanks @noord.ams for having us, and @hardcoresupplies, @solid_93, @blindskate, and @gopro for hooking up the goods. And @hijkodeen for the photo. 🙏🏼🇳🇱🎁 #ThankYouSkateboarding
This is so rad. The last day of my indoor skatepark the Deca team did a demo. @nealmims and @jbgillet killed it that day. Thanks for digging this up @michaelgroenewegen! Think it was 2000 or 2001? #skateparkNYC #ThankYouSkateboarding
We may or may have not stopped for red lights.... E-biking around with my mom this afternoon. No helmets of course. #RideOrDie
Another morning run. Crossed the Waal river a few times and ran along the water. Sunny and 61’F/16’F. Liking this Dutch fall weather.🍂☀️🏃🏼
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 7:29 PM
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Been over 10 years since I’ve hosted a skateboard event in Holland, but I’m stoked to help execute this with @sewakroetkov and @redbullned on Sunday in Amsterdam. Hope to see you there!
Back in the city. Still can’t believe this street spot got built more than 10 years ago. It isn’t really skate stopped, and not a huge bust. ❤️👌🏼 #SjoerdSoeters #BuiltItAndTheyWillCome