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valegenta 285w ago
Why am I so in love with you

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sunday thoughts: today i’m thankful, today i’m honest, & today i’m human 🕊
i wonder what was so funny on my phone, any guesses????
New vlog just went up from your girl Olivia on @atthellolab’s @guiltypartyofficial! Check it out on YouTube 😗
Guys!! I’m in one of the scenes, let me know if you find me! From Blumhouse, the makers of Get Out, The Purge and The Visit comes HAPPY DEATH DAY out in theaters this Friday the 13th! 🥀🎬 #HappyDeathDay #ad @sebastiangenta
I am proud to be involved with @atthellolab's newest project, @guiltypartyofficial. Since the show deals with cyberbullying, my bff @lelepons and I wanted to talk about our experiences with it. (The longer, real version is on youtube! link in bio) If you want to soak up some good vibes & step away from negativity, be sure to check out @later_haters! (LONGER VERSION ON YOUTUBE! LINK IN BIO) ❤️
Our sibling dances are back!!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy our Sunday afternoon jams 💃🏼🤘🏼 (PART 2 is on @sebastiangenta page!!) (we are not professionals nor do we care to be, just having some fun!! Rude comments are unnecessary & mean 🙃) #Thx #Gentas
My character Olivia on my @atthellolab show @guiltypartyofficial just dropped her first vlog! Take a peek👀! ❤️
look deep into my eyes and you'll see cheetos
was supposed to stay till thursday, ended up staying for the weekend #whatsnew #irresistible 🍃