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  Posted: Apr 27, 2012 8:08 PM FEED
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Day 2 of the 2017 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival. I had a great time spending the morning with Corinna Mantlo aka @miss1932 and Billy … @black_grease as they fed the masses in the paddock and made a couple bloody marys (for those who weren’t racing🙋‍♂️). Great food and wonderful people. It’s nice to have you in Birmingham! #2017BVF #itsnicetohaveyouinbirmingham
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 6:23 AM
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No idea what was going on here.
Day 1 of the 2017 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival. #bvf2017 #2017bvf
Posted: Oct 2, 2017 1:58 AM
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@robculpepper_ is a god amongst us guys that are almost similar to men. Thanks for transferring this bottle from the stingy bottom shelves of Kentucky to the warm loving corner of my kitchen counter.
Turbos on turbos. An Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 aka the Space Shuttle main engine. Its dual stage turbo setup creates over 7400 psi of boost.
Posted: Sep 25, 2017 1:11 AM
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A video summary of yesterday's ride through Southern Georgia and Florida. A great day of riding through cotton fields, old towns, and swamps. I managed, through pure luck, to skirt all the rainstorms and avoid putting on my rain gear—a solid win when it's 90 degrees.
Posted: Sep 22, 2017 2:43 AM
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Garage Envy, 2016. I visited this garage in the process of buying a replacement, semi-originally-correct, overdrive transmission for my Galaxie off Craigslist. An unassuming garage in a suburban neighborhood, the owner had owned multiple automotive repair shops in his life and amassed all the makings of a fantastic shop in which to work on his multiple hot rods.
Great racing this weekend from @motoamerica at @barbermotorpark even making it happen in the rain on Sunday.
Posted: Sep 11, 2017 4:05 AM
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Autopsy success. Multiple broken piston rings on several pistons caused my oil blow-by issues. The block was never overbored. The crank was turned .010 under. The main and rod journals had some scoring and their bearings had worn through to the copper. Overall good shape. 👨🏼‍⚕️#63galaxie #fordgalaxie #ford289