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Last pick-up from S.Jose Hardware store - and it's a good one. 🙏
Save Music In Chinatown / The Second Two Years / Zine documenting the second year of musical programming and events by Save Music in Chinatown - A non-profit initiative to raise funds for the music program at Castelar Elementary public school located in Chinatown Los Angeles - Compiles flyer artwork, photo documentation and write-up of shows 7 thru 12 + a great interview with Mamie Hong Weinberg about her experiences working at the Hong Kong Cafe series of pink shows in the late 70's and early 80's + an interview with artist and soundman Nate Pottker
L👀k out for Fall 2017 / Issue 1 of Wapow Magazine / A free, bilingual community quarterly magazine that focuses on news and culture in Los Angeles Chinatown. WAPOW seeks to be a resource to share information and highlight personal stories to help locals better cope with change, and promote dialogue across the community's diverse cultures and generations. #wapowLA
Wandered into this panel presentation for students at the Grammy Museum earlier this week. Martin Shore, William Bell, Charles + Leroy Hodges, Boo Mitchell, Cedric Coleman and Al Kapone were discussing a documentary they all took part in called "Take Me To The River" that explores Memphis and Mississippi Delta musicians. Really cool to hear Stax Records @staxrecords legends talk about their experiences. I took a road trip from Memphis to New Orleans along the Blues Highway a couple years ago and visiting Stax / Stax Music Academy @staxmusicacademy and Soulsville Charter School to see the history and continued initiatives that Stax friends, family and supporters have developed to empower Memphis youth was one of the highlights. Amazing to hear Cedric and Al Kapone talk about writing "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp" & "Whoop that Trick" from the movie Hustle and Flow. I remember watching Three Six Mafia and Cedric claim the Oscar in 2006 for their song and thinking how amazing it was for the culture. I also saw Michael Jacksons jackets and sparkly glove upstairs, so all in all a pretty great afternoon.
Congratulations to the Haven brothers and @havenshop team on new Toronto HQ and retail space. From building pillow forts to building solid retail environment, media platform and community - must be great feeling to build and grow as family.
Congratulations to the team at Atlas Skateboarding @atlasskateboarding on a decade of directed development and focus towards creating a solid store, brand and community.
"Livestock the 13th" Mask Exhibition - Celebrating 13 years of @livestockcanada Opens Friday October 13th in Vancouver @ 298 Alexander St. 🇨🇦 Featuring customized hockey masks by Usugrow / Geoff McFetridge / Scott Tepper /Eric Haze / Kaput / Ricardo Sosa / Dan Climan / Sean Cliver / Antoine Tava / Allister Lee / Remio / Don Pendleton / Mister Cartoon / Scott Sueme / Bob Kronbauer / PD / Tod Swank / Rhek / Randy Laybourne / Cody Hudson / Science / Ben Tour / Evan Hecox / Kenya Goto /
Fall Brawler w/ a Shawl Collar. Holloway snap-button jacket. 🍁🍂
X marks the spot ! Peep @blackisbeautiful_bib IG and website - An online visual database of Black Markers from Artline to Zebra. 999 unique black markers and counting...
A really well designed old package of balloons. Single sided 4-color print. Feature window with little illustration details to make the circular shape look like a balloon. Lowercase Artone font with a nice little interplay between the "oo" . Circle shape top left indicates where to put price sticker. Minimal type - just the brand wordmark, product name and small type indicating brand name and country of origin.
Welcome back @12ozprophet - inspired by your past, excited for your future. Thank you for continuing to make classic material that documents the creative endeavours and hard work of your crew and peers.