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Meet Chris. Stumbled into ALIVE last night for the first time and accepted the #swaggerchallenge . Picked him up this morning (and watched him almost get dusted by a car) to get in the word... #thatswhatsup

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Some things don't have to make sense; like how in the world I get to be your husband. #mybabe
I started writing this caption this morning but all day I've erased it and started over because I simply can't put into words how much my wife means to me. She's the best thing that ever happened to me and I love her with all my heart. What an honor it is to do life with you, Grace Lewellyn! Here's to your 24th! ❤️
Loved getting to set my guitar down and step back from the mic to baptize some of our worship + tech volunteers yesterday! 👍🏻 thanks @matthiasjbarker for the capture!
BAE TIMES INFINITY! Happy Valentines Day to the girl of my dreams! #howbowdah
BEST DAY EVER! (Until next year) Happy Two Years of marriage to my love! #grathanlewellyn (ps. can we get a dog? I promise I'll walk it and feed it bath it and train it... PLEASE!)
The days leading up to Christmas tend to be busy and stressful for me in my job. This girl was the best support and sidekick in keeping me functional. I love her with all my heart and cherish getting to hang out with her. Now, on to the next family celebration! #dimepiece