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summmmmar 285w ago
Gonna grab some tea, then on my way to central park. #centralpark #nyc #tea

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Constant reminders of how thankful we should be for everything we have and the life and learning we’re able to experience💚
First Friday was goooooOooood. Way tired now though, hope everyone's having/had a good night❤️🌵
Made these for Iman's birthday recently! I know these are the best stickers I've made so far, but sorry these ones are not for purchase😝❤️❤️❤️
Woke up in Utah yesterday, we ended up so close to the border we haaaad to take a peak. Looked around a little there and then went to the Grand Canyon to hike! Gosh I wish I took more pictures but you can't capture the depth of the details or how many layers there are or how HUGE everything is. Kept getting let down by my phone every time I tried to take a picture😔 definitely wanna hike it again and maybe camp! Ah so in love with how much beauty there is all over. I'll probably post more pictures laterrrrrr💗
You're so beautiful iman, Inside and out. I can't believe you turned 20 yesterday I love you so much❤️❤️❤️👯
It's crazy how many times In life you'll relearn the same things in a different light #digitalart#digital
You guys I found the spot where even when everything isn't okay, it can still feel like it is just for a second. Saguaro cactuses grow about one inch every 10 years ugh❤️
Grabbed a new brush to put finish on some paintings for a gallery I'm taking part in this weekend. I wish I could just have a paint brush in my hand all of the timeeeee. Feels so right and gives me so much energy just walking with it in my hand haha I feel like I could do magic with it✨ 💪🏼#veinyhands #108degreesthooo
Some of the petroglyphs we saw yesterday! Ah I can't explain how surreal it feels to stand surrounded by something like this. I know life and time is already so crazy but gosh it feels good to have the evidence so clear right in front of you.