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Tonight's Western Sky.
Scorpio of all constellations is probably the one, most resembling its given name. With Saturn shining over it, an arrangement of intrigue for the night sky watcher perhaps.
1984 Mac computer, repurposed as a bird nesting box, found quietly resting after years of suspension and service in our regenerating rainforest on farm.
These young ladies are marvelous.
Eating kitchen scraps whilst turning compost, and off course their lovely eggs, with bright orange yolks, yum.
Lil' bud chillin' in the dunes. My guess, young snapping turtle.
Obliviously not climate change deniers and smartly prepared for sea level rise.
Sneaking a peak inside the old silos at NISDA. Who, whooo... do you think resides in the nesting box?
Strawberry Fields Forever
One hand picks, the other carries, whilst the eyes are kept on the prize!