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jzims83 10w ago
Spent the afternoon celebrating the future Mrs. Moore. Words can't express how much I adore and love this girl in the middle.. she's been my partner in crime for 20 years and the triple trouble you see here had some good times together over the last decade. I can't wait to see my best friend marry her soul mate. Happy Bridal Shower, my kb.... soon, I'm gonna have to start calling you km xoxoxo
jzims83 15w ago
Fireworks in Rehoboth Beach! What a great night.
jzims83 19w ago
This is why I can't have black pants.. and be around dogs. #doghairnocare
jzims83 25w ago
They say its #mancrushmonday.. but for me, its everyday. This guy here is truly amazing and I'm the luckiest girl in the world to stand by his side. His support is unwavering.. and he is and always will be my rock. We both say its always the little things.. and he makes me smile when I find small little notes in random places.. or the times I go to hug him and he tickles me so I giggle like crazy. #lovehim #rocksolid
jzims83 34w ago
I couldn't be any luckier to have this guy in my life. I don't need one day to tell him I love him.. I tell him 365 days a year. "If I lick it.. its mine."
jzims83 36w ago
After today.. this is my mantra going forward the rest of the week.
jzims83 36w ago
What sock? I didn't steal no sock out of the clean laundry basket!