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  Posted: Apr 27, 2012 11:11 AM FEED
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But Why?
  • cblack 5y ago

    @dannybrownca it was fun at first when it was small, but like most social networks these days, it quickly gets ruined and people leave. There's an extreme amount of noise there now.

  • There are only 18.7 million stay at home moms who craft? :)

  • @dannybrownca good point Danny! Maybe they too can sell for a billion or so! When will this bubble burst?

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You're imperfect, and you're wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging. - @brenebrown
This weekend has been about #family and #makingmemories. I hate that it takes me slowing down to understand what a gift I’ve been given. Tomorrow can wait; I’m enjoying today.
Thanks to some amazing friends, I’ll be here all day!
always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess
Posted: Oct 2, 2017 10:40 AM
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Sad news to wake up too. My heart hurts for the families.
Posted: Sep 30, 2017 4:39 PM
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A truth from @RickWarren we all need to remember.
While in #ATL this week, I snuck away from #thatcc to have dinner with @z_dew!
It has been 15 years + since I’ve seen him. With in minutes we were talking about life and reminiscing about our childhood. *

I was reminded of how amazing our childhood was and how growing up in true community forever impacted my life. *

Over dinner I was shown how true @b_rewster words were that I had heard only a few hours before: “God isn’t surprised you are in this season | Stay teachable & flexible | Protect your relationship.”