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Oh. My. Word. Today has not been easy. Thank heavens for friends who live down the road, bribery, and Netflix. Fingers crossed The Smols are happier tomorrow #wine
Rainy day activities. I’m learning loads (joking aside actually I am learning, it’s quite rewarding tailoring explanations to suit Tiny, and teaching him drawing and writing using silly stories). Next up, baking* *Brownie mix from a box

#mathsclass #nowhavingafiremansambreak #itsrainingcatsanddogsouthere
Pontypandy rescue update: there’s been a terrible accident. Unless I can find some glue Fireman Sam will now be out of a job. #normanpriceyounaughtyboy #pontypandysfinest
There’s a fairly complicated rescue happening in Pontypandy rn. Spider-Man and Lightning McQueen have been called in to help, I’ll bring you more updates as they happen. #pontypandysfinest #normanpriceyounaughtyboy
I have replaced the spoon in my husband’s soup with the salad spoon. He has not yet noticed. He delicately balanced the spoon handle in the bowl walking slowly to the lounge and is now taking ages waiting for the soup to cool down. I’ve had to hide in the kitchen because I’m giggling too much. #bigspoongameonpoint #souptroup
No, I won’t explain. I’m not even drunk, in fact, I’m going to bed in a minute.
Why are most of my clothes neon? It’s nice to be running again. It’ll be nicer when I feel relatively fit again. #runningshoes #myeyesmyeyes
Operation Paint Kitchen is go. Forgot to take any before pics, so here’s ‘during’... #upcycle #kitchencupboards #coveredinpaint
Feeling slightly more human today as was only up with Small once in the night. It will have been a fluke, but she’s cute so I don’t mind. #newgirl #coffeeplease
But just LOOK at all the treasures I found! I’m so glad I kept this box (and finally went through it). •

#artyfarty #artsupplies #haventdrawninyears
Photoshop 6?! QuarkXPress?! How do I even still have these books, I’m so old. Into the recycling they go. #graphicdesign #ancientscrolls #howaminolonger19
Evening on my old street in Liverpool. My house was the one with the For Sale board on the right. #igersliverpool #liverpool
Looks like I’m ok to start running properly again, second run since having Small was fine. Plus I get these views. 👍 #ohidoliketobebesidetheseaside #clevedonpier