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User Image omnomnomster Posted: Oct 8, 2017 7:34 AM (UTC)
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I've realized how much I like shades of blue and how much I like to climb and play.
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User Image omnomnomster Posted: Oct 1, 2017 6:05 PM (UTC)
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2 years ago I met Candice ❤️when we were volunteering in Nepal. Two years later I find myself at Burning Man camping with her at the Naked Rainbow Camp. I went in only knowing two people, and after 9 days of sharing, dancing, cajoling, eating, helping, painting, ice cream making, hair braiding, drinking, feeding and many more, I met some really dope oats.
Connecting with people through dance, through deep words, through facts, through silence, through affection, through adventures, through an open heart and biggest of all, through laughter is what makes me feel like I belong.
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User Image omnomnomster Posted: Sep 27, 2017 11:41 PM (UTC)
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I went flying with Candice, Dan and our pilot Ben. It was unplanned, but that's life at the burn. You can't plan for things to happen, it'll happen on it's own for you. .
There's a Black Rock City Municipal Airport (BRCMA), also known by its Airport Identifier Code, 88NV. Volunteers each year build the airport and city from scratch, then tear them down at week's end. It went from 12 volunteers to over 100 pilot volunteers in the past couple years. Only operating during daylight hours, the airport averages as many as 800 takeoffs and landings a day.

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User Image omnomnomster Posted: Sep 27, 2017 5:35 AM (UTC)
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Saturday night is the when the man burns. This is when everyone on the playa surrounds this 54foot tall beam of a beast structure. This is the best time to familiarize yourself with all the art cars on the playa. This is when you realize the week is almost over so you seize the moment even more and you say hello and dance with your neighbours.
This is when you can stand still and listen to all the different genre of music around you, trying to catch that robot heart beat.
This is also when you celebrate with the people you feel love for and it's dang beautiful. .
Sunday night is when the temple burns and this is when everyone comes together in silence to feel the flames of pain and love and hug one another. A completely different vibe from the night before. A much more powerful one to end the wild wild week.
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User Image omnomnomster Posted: Sep 23, 2017 6:00 PM (UTC)
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Some of them move and some of them don't. Here are the info on the first three art pieces: .
Tree of Ténéré
An enormous lifelike tree, Ténéré offers shade to wanderers, adventure to climbers, and transcendent community to those gathered beneath its 15,000 LED leaves.
Gummy Bear Pyramid
This is a 12ft tall, 4-sided pyramid made out of over 100,000 hand-cast gummy bears, acrylic, and metal.
Phoenicopterus Rex
a 40 foot tall flamingo! Inspired by Don Featherstone’s classic, Phoenicopterus Rex will feature climbable legs and a sitting area on the back of this massive lawn ornament.

#burningman #artinstallations #ledlights #nighttime #burningman2017 #treeoftenere #flamingo #pacman #jellybeans #artcar #thunderdome #fire
User Image omnomnomster Posted: Sep 23, 2017 5:01 PM (UTC)
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Burning man never cease to amaze me. This place reminds me of how capable we all are. There were 250+ art installations spread all over 7 square miles (if you overlaid it BRC would cover most of downtown San Francisco). I thought I could see it all but after looking at pictures and videos from my camp mates, I realized I probably saw 1/3 or less of what's out there.
If you ever need a creative boost or to active your FOMO (among many many other things offered here) this is it.
#burningman #artinstallations #artcars #blackrockcity #love #burningman2017 #sunsets
User Image omnomnomster Posted: Aug 27, 2017 1:38 AM (UTC)
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What a birthday. I felt right at home by having Dennys as a tradition, misspelling "myself" to "myelf", checking out my homies dance battling next to freshly painted graffiti in the coolest festival (Vancouver Mural Festival), eating good food, drinking Kaoliung (you can guess how the night went), and spending time with gems in my life. Thanks for another beaming start to the year. ❤️ #art #greatcompany #homeisbest #vancouver #streetart #kaoliang
User Image omnomnomster Posted: Aug 14, 2017 3:53 AM (UTC)
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Getting caught on the rooftop with these toads. It's good to be home.
2nd photo by @dnleeming_images
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User Image omnomnomster Posted: Aug 5, 2017 10:36 AM (UTC)
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"Cute puppy!" "Thanks!"
"He looks like a baby version of Atreyu" "Who?" "Atreyu. Have you seen the Never Ending Story?" "Nope. Never heard of it." "Ok"
#thatshowitwentdown #puppy #thoseears #smallthings #fluffy #eevee #byatreyuimeantfalkor
User Image omnomnomster Posted: Jul 20, 2017 3:20 AM (UTC)
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4 days I slept in my pool of sweat while my muscles ached from a fever. I went dancing the day I felt better and Aunt Flo came to visit me that very night. The next day I went to Hash Run; 7k into the wild. Lightheaded from the heat, slightly hungover, tail end of a fever and time of the month, I continued on. River traced, trudged through mud, climbed through branches, grabbed a hand full of thorns for balance (ouch), sweated more, and frequently getting lost (but quickly finding our way). That sounded pretty bad, buuuut it wasn't. I was met with beautiful views of bamboo trees, old temples, mountains, a cemetery, all the whilst in good company. We came in 2nd to last, but we made it to the pool and BBQ. We did it and we made it and that's all that matters cuz I probably won't do it again in that state.
#sundayfundays #tbt #sunset #hashhike #chinahashhouseharriers #heykid
User Image omnomnomster Posted: Jul 5, 2017 5:18 PM (UTC)
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User Image omnomnomster Posted: Jun 18, 2017 3:40 PM (UTC)
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What a feeling it is to have someone entrust you to mark them permanently. .
A year ago when I was in Thailand, a buddy called me to design a tattoo for him. I remember the call very well; moon shining bright as I sat on the curb outside my hostel, and a frog on my foot. I took it on very seriously which resulted with many many many drafts because I wanted to make sure it was 200% of what we both wanted for him. Every draft was different from the previous until the last couple of ones, where we knew what it was going to look like. It's an interesting evolution to look back on. Well, here he is a year later with his steamy arm.
Thanks @jesseaclark
#tattoo #art #thiswasfun #ink #arrow #lightning #thatforearmtho #thismakesmehappy #idrewadickintheresomewhere #checkouthisparkourskills
User Image omnomnomster Posted: Jun 16, 2017 4:37 AM (UTC)
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The llama is roughly twice the size of the alpaca. Llamas weigh around 200 to 400 lbs. Llamas are more independent and are often kept separate from other llamas. #loners
Most alpacas weigh between 100 and 175 lbs when fully grown. Alpacas are very much herd animals and must be with their herdmates. Alpacas are shy and quiet, easy to train and handle, and extremely intelligent. They rarely bite, spit or kick and have far less problems than other livestock such as sheep and cows. #stage5clinger
One thing they do have in common is they don't speak English. 🐪
#llama #alpaca #selfiegamestrong #sosoft #sotender #sodelicious #sup #hashhike #bestsurpriseever #iwonderifitknows
User Image omnomnomster Posted: Jun 14, 2017 8:09 AM (UTC)
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You know when you've found someone similar to you who's just as kooky and silly, and no matter where you are with them, it's almost always going to be a great time? These photos are just the few of the many many many. Unfortunately I'm not there to celebrate with you in person so here's my shout out to the biggest buffoon in my life. Happiest most brilliant birthday to @randy_lum. I've never bowled, ate popcorn, watched performances, played badminton so much in a span of 6 months. These 3 years feels like 10. You throw the most insane parties, you have the most mental bartender and hedge trimmer, you own the shittiest restaurants in town, but you're one of the best people and best dresser I know. Thanks for wheelin me to your car when I couldn't walk in heels anymore and thanks for being a Luddite (technically challenged). I hope youre drunk af with a XXL bag of popcorn with 5x extra butter in your face. I'll see you sooner than you know.
#happybirthday #oldaf #bff #wolfpack #dumbasses #convive #stillafatso #alwaysafatso #kens #popcornwithextrabutter
User Image omnomnomster Posted: Jun 9, 2017 3:17 PM (UTC)
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"The further you pull back the fewer things matter, but the closer you get, everything becomes the centre of the universe." #taipei #taiwan #morning #emptystreets #hue
User Image omnomnomster Posted: May 31, 2017 5:33 PM (UTC)
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"They'll ask you what your mother Hash is and when you respond with China Hash, 2 things will happen, 1. They'll shut the fuck up. 2. They'll think you're a lucky bastard." - GM .
It was a wild wild day of hiking/running 9k, going through a llama farm, followed by profanity, obscenity, drinking, eating, more drinking, bus partying, nudity, drinking, park partying, still drinking, hyperventilating into another dimension, and good conversations. .
#Taiwan #mountains #sundayfunday #longweekend #hashhike #uphigh #beautiful
User Image omnomnomster Posted: May 29, 2017 6:20 AM (UTC)
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Firecrackers spitting boisterously every couple 10 minutes, tables of fruits and chips as offerings with incense down the side of the block, dragon dancin poppin n lockin, joss papers (ghost$) rainin, trumpets tooting rambunctiously, drums bamming, and then there's @randy_lum's new fleet blaring pop music like it's Canada Day parade. .
I asked my dad what they're celebrating, he said "God's birthday." #parade #taiwan #confused #godsbirthday #volkswagen