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  Posted: Apr 27, 2012 10:18 AM FEED
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Posted: Oct 21, 2017 8:35 PM
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Bye Manila ✈️...
Be back soon xx
To my dearest Yellow Team! We did an awesome job and I'm so proud and happy with what we were able to produce for our 8th anniversary! I believe we were able to spread the message out to all our viewers... and that's to spread peace, love and happiness to all 🌈🙂☮️❤️🌼.
Ryan, my baby boy! You were our lucky charm, we had a beautiful song, yno one made a mistake and it WAS a perfect performance on our part AND you conquered your fear of heights!!! So, don't you think otherwise ok?
Congratulations Team Vhong, Team Vice, Jugs and Teddy and Team Karylle and Jhong ❤️.
Happy 8th Anniversary to us!!!
Posted: Oct 21, 2017 1:51 AM
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For every dreamer, no dream is ever too small... sometimes it's the smallest dream that means everything. Haaaay. Big hugs to you @ireneopena @eljieestorosas and Rosalyn.
Happy Saturday from @dreammachineph 💘
Thank you to my @cherrymobileph family for partnering with us for these dreams to come true. #AchievingDreamsTogether 💘
But then realize it's judgement day tomorrow 😮.
Congratulations My Showtime Family ❤️ 8 amazing years! 🌈
Good luck to all of us! 💋
This is sooooooo beautiful! Wow!!!! BLK Lippies made it to Canada and did some hiking in the Canadian Rockies! 🇨🇦 @blkcosmeticsph 💄
Thank you @karengotoc ❄️ I'm so so happy and kilig at how you love our lippies! #uncomplicatedbeauty #beautymadesimple #blkcosmeticsuncomplicatedbeauty
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 2:03 AM
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As promised, here it is... Highlights of our
Peace and love
rise above
lahat ay kaya nating lagpasan..
Congrats Team Yellow!!!! I loved our performance! Happy 8th Anniversary Showtime!!!! Watch the full performance on YouTube here #MagpasikatAnneRyanNadine
Here are the drone shots from our WINNING vertical dance performance last year for Magpasikat. (Still can't believe we were suspended from the side the ABSCBN building 😱) My question now is..... Are you ready to see this years --- ONE continuous drone shot for our performance today? 🙂🌈 ☮️🌼
All dolled up for the holidays! Sooooooo excited about this collaboration Barbie x @plainsandprints 🎀 Launching it today at the atrium at SM Megamall 💕#BarbieLovesPlainsAndPrints
We did it!!!!! Congrats Team Yellow!!!!! 💛 🌈 Come join the LOVE PARADE 🌈.
You and me
we will be alright
through the dark
be the light shining bright
You and me
we will be okay
keep the faith
Come join the LOVE PARADE.
Sama sama
kailangan ang isa’t isa
nandito na ang panahon
tara na sumabay sa’ming kanta
Peace and love
rise above
lahat ay kaya nating lagpasan
Peace and love
rise above
kung tayo ay magtutulungan.
Sending out peace and love to all of you today ☮️ #MagpasikatAnneRyanNadine
Kapit lang Besh pose.
Bukas na ang Magpasikat performance namin. 😱
💄: @mkqua 💆🏻: @santiagoraymond
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 1:45 AM
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Every day, everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. You just have to do it in the most uncomplicated way.... 💕
How I prepare for work everyday as told by my mon amour... he knows how special @blkcosmeticsph is to me... so he narrated this with no script and just made all of it up along the way.
Finished product gave me butterflies in my tummy.
Merci mon amour ❤️..
You captured the essence of our brand.
@blkcosmeticsph is all about Uncomplicated Beauty and making Beauty Made Simple for everyone 💄.
Visit now 💋 #blkcosmetics #blkuncomplicatedbeauty #BeautyMadeSimple
Oceans apart and it's heavy on my heart
Roll and row but my rolling game too slow
I'm happy you know...
. .
I'm spending my time watching the ship and the globe
Why beauty's in the simple things
Your sweetness and your elegance
I'm happy you know...
. .
Oceans apart and I'm sailing on my dreams
Roll and row but my rolling game too wild
I'm lost in your smile
. .
My current favorite song. On repeat.
I can listen to it over and over and over again... ❤️
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 11:11 PM
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Happiness is when you get the perfect espresso range .
Morning from Mr 🐨 and myself!
Happy Sunday.