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I always have a good day with these on my feet #vogs
I’m wearing new shoes and handknit skirt. Feeling pretty swish.
Time to ply these #spindle spun gradient singles. I love love love handspun silk in the sun #spinning
Watering the sports fields at sunset. On my walk between office and car. #Canberra
Wtf is wrong with clothing designers. These are my inside out women's pants. The fly is twice as deep as the stupid non-pockets. #womenhavekeystoo
Weirdly warm evening with stunning pink sunset #Canberra
Hey Spring. Winter will always be my favourite, but I'm not unhappy to see you.
I hope this cold lonely glove finds its mate.
I love a bit of wild weather, especially when it gives us great big shiny happiness like this. Over #dickson yesterday #Canberra
High density workplace, can be challenging. Getting to see rainbows resting in mountains, very easy to live with. #canberra
Doing some maths, settling in for some knitting. Trying to make a sweater that fits me.
Yesterday, snow.
Today, blinding fiery sunset of gloriousness.
Le Tour is over for another year, but I've got my Turkish spindle mojo back, so started another wee rainbow turtle tonight.