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  Posted: Apr 27, 2012 4:39 AM FEED
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What success looks like. Don't forget to sunday-prep for you weekly success.
When you son is your coach, there is no mercy! (Turn volume up) @samuelowen @charlespatrickart
Sundays are for workouts, friends and puppies!! "They are soooooo fluffy" @lauraelkman @cbotticellip @eziacoach_stefan
@aidan_hughes84 surfer, swimmer and all around great dude 👍- making a push/pull look easy. This is a core stability exercise at the end of his workout that simulates and increases the forces on the core during intense paddling moments
@matthewmaceachern has been on an absolute workout tear, And it's showing!... keep up the great work!!! We love to see people getting the results they after. #nantucket #summer17
Try this in your own and let us know if you can do it? Surfing shredder and competitive swimmer @aidan_hughes84 showing us what real stability-strength looks like!! #eziatrained #ezianantucket
This little tennis playing ripper bet me two packs of skittles he could stair climb the tallest building in the world!! The berg khalifa.. easy bet, like taking candy from a baby... except this guy actually did it? 255 floors in 30 min? Full on mini- beast in the making...
@nick_loring showing off his core strength and power with explosive medicine ball sit-ups. He's gonna be ready for lax season this fall!!
Myles overcoming his fear of heights to take his fitness and power to the next level!!
Regardless of your age, training with friends and family will help build confidence, character and a compassion that is more valuable in a human being than all of the endurance, strength and power one could have. #smallgroup #coordination #syncronization #payattention!!
Welcome bACK @nick_loring - you are picking up right where we left off last summer!! (Except your 2 inches taller now) - cheers to another great summer of training together! @eziacoach_stefan
Suns out guns out 💪- we are completely booked in the mornings but have a few afternoon openings - never too late to make the most of this beach season! Come get sum...
Quick feet for youth athletes is critical, contrary to conventional belief, speed can be taught. Will demonstrating the icky shuffle here - great for non athletes looking to improve general fitness too. #ezianantucket
Lacrosse players, soccer players and swimmers all training together this morning in the perfect summer sun! "The kids are alright" - thanks coach jack! @jmpearsonjr #EziaNantucket
Father son duo, getting beach ready! Lee leading for example by Sam who was giving dad a run for his money! @samuelowen @sugarsnaper @charlespatrickart
Nick working on his resisted speed and agility on the court, these kind of drills are much more challenging than they look and lead to excellent conditioning too. #ezia
Brothers Jay and Nick Mays are in the gym testing their 12 fitness benchmark exercises, the results will dictate their individual training priorities for this summer so they enter the fall with maximum endurance, strength and power! #ezia
D1 footballer Nic Sylvia this morning working hard in the offseason to prepare for his upcoming 2nd year on the team this fall. Nic is doing a single leg deadlift to single leg box jump, a very impressive feat of stability, strength and power. @eziacoach_stefan