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  • this is right next to Wellesley station! been there done that ;)

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User Image samantha_uren23 Posted: Nov 9, 2017 6:27 PM (UTC)
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User Image samantha_uren23 Posted: Oct 30, 2017 4:18 PM (UTC)
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2 month improvement💙the smaller picture is Peyton at a few days old without starting his casting treatments. The bigger picture is Peyton at 2.5 months with 2 months of casts that get changed every 2 weeks. So happy with the progress so far. I have to pay for his casts, but I am so happy I live in Canada and that we have a universal health insurance plan; 99% of his treatment has been covered this far. I don’t know how Peyton could have received this awesome treatment without it!🇨🇦

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User Image samantha_uren23 Posted: Oct 30, 2017 4:01 PM (UTC)
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I get to remove his casts the day before each cast change to air out his feet & give him a good bath. I love seeing his little toes! Peyton has bilateral clubbed feet and there is already such a big improvement from 2 months ago💙 •
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User Image samantha_uren23 Posted: Oct 30, 2017 1:46 AM (UTC)
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My depression causes me to eat in order to feel whole, and the medication to manage the depression causes weight gain. Ever since giving birth 2 months ago, my stomach looks like a deflated balloon with stretch marks. I know I could eat better than I do, but a big part of me feels like I’m not ready yet to give it an honest effort. I am probably a good 50 pounds over weight and now I wear a size 16 jean.The thought of trying to fix that while learning how to balance being both mom and dad to my son is overwhelming. Right now it’s easy to eat fast food or snack throughout the day instead of cooking balanced meals; I’m too damn tired to do anything else at this point.
I know after the dust settles I’ll be ready and willing to get healthier. In the mean time, I need to learn to love myself in spite of the spit up covered clothes, the messy hair, the stretch marks and flabby tummy. If I can’t love myself for who I am on the inside and outside how can I expect to teach my son self confidence? •
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User Image samantha_uren23 Posted: Oct 28, 2017 5:21 PM (UTC)
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I think sometimes I romanticize what it’s like to have a family that has an active & loving father in my son’s life. I compare myself way too much to others and jealously takes over. People tell me that not all parents pull equal weight in terms of helping with the baby, but even having the extra financial stability of two working parents would be a bonus. I cannot relate to anyone I know as no one will ever understand the stress of a single mother, other than a single mother. I don’t receive child support, my son can’t go to his dad’s every other weekend... it’s just me.
It’s hard at night as I wish I had that emotional support after baby goes to sleep, someone to tell me I am doing a great job. Someone to help when I am crying because I am tired, and the baby is fussy or needs to be changed. Saying this, however, i will not be another single mother statistic. I will finish school and get a kick ass career and give as much love to my son as two parents would. I am tired, overwhelmed, and lonely even tho I am never alone. Wherever I go he comes too. But to see his face smile back at me is the happiest feeling. I will never give up. I’m not looking for pity or for someone to feel sorry for me. Sometimes sharing your struggle can help someone else in need, and most importantly it helps yourself heal. •

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User Image samantha_uren23 Posted: Oct 19, 2017 9:56 PM (UTC)
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Real Talk. • • Being a single mom is not like being a mother in a two parent household. As a single mother of a newborn, not only do I have to take care of a child 24/7 that cannot take care of himself, but I do all the cooking, cleaning, and support my son financially, spiritually, physically and mentally. Single mothers do not have that emotional support at night time after the father comes home from work. I cannot pass my newborn to his father because I need a break at night. I cannot go to the store alone, get my nails done, or simply go for a walk to clear my head while dad watches the baby. In my case, there is no dad in the picture at all. I often spend a lot of my days feeling guilty that I can not provide my child with the two parent household that he deserves. I often get bitter and angry towards other mothers who have a husband or boyfriend, and try to minimize their feelings in my head because “no one understands”. I am in no way saying moms in two parent households don’t deserve to feel stress, as having children is stressful no matter how much help you have. I’m learning to embrace my stress, my tears, my emotions and my doubts and let myself feel. By letting myself feel this pain, I can embrace it and then move forward and be that bad ass supermom I know I already am. To all the other single moms out there, you guys fucking rock... Supermamas. #singlemom #singlemama #singlemomtruths #momlife #newbornlife #realmomlife #realtalk #realtalk💯 #baby #babyboy #ilovemyson #supermom