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My heart goes out to those who are still hurting from Hurricane Harvey. Seeing friends and family come along side each other to offer support and love has touched me in ways that I cannot express. I am daily overwhelmed with so many reasons to be proud of Houston and this great state of Texas! We are Texas Strong💪🏻💪🏻 I'm partnering with @ziegenbock_beer to celebrate and support our community in this time. #partner #ZiegenBock #TheGOAT
I can't stop thinking about the lives who have been impacted by this storm. I'm touched by those who have sacrificed so much to help neighbors and strangers alike. This is our home. #houston #ighouston #houstonstrong #hurricaneharvey
It's the way your eyes sort of implode from cool pools on the edges to embers of yellow near the pupil. I'll only remember the cinematic moments, sideways glances and tiny heart flutters; feelings that I thought were buried with my youth. And when I asked if I could kiss you in the back of the cab and before I could finish my sentence you had pulled me close. I love that I can still be surprised by a beautiful human in a new city and that people like you do exist. (Writings from when I was younger)
Stopped by one of my favorite coffee shops in Houston! @thehoneymoonhtx ! They also happen to be the @reliantenergytx HoustonXHouston winners for best coffee in the city!
Spending our Saturday dancing to country music with @ziegenbock_beer at the ZeigenBock festival! #ziegenbock #ziegfest16