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  Posted: Apr 26, 2012 9:15 PM FEED
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Day #290 Descendents - Groezrock 2011. Shouts out to everyone going and playing #Groezrock

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Day #2783 Jets to Brazil - Plane. For those of you that weren’t aware @epitaphrecords has re-released all the @jetstobrazil , @joanofarcband, and @capnjazzofficial LOng out of print LP’s and 🎉FINALLY🎉 made a shirt for Orange Rhyming Dictionary!! Very stoked for this one. All you old crumugenly @jawbreakermusic fans should go back and re-visit JTB cause it is like a fine wine🍷. Age has just made it better. As for Joan or arc and cap’n jazz if you didn’t like them in the first place you can go ahead and jam a Q-Tip in your ear and leave em there, and I’m not talking about the @tribecalledquestt member either.
Day #2777 Wolf Parade - Wolf Parade LIVE. Glad to have this band back and with a great new album out today “Cry, Cry, Cry” on good ol’ @subpop Very appreciative for great music these days. #wolfparade #crycrycry #subpop #minorthread #tshirtwars
Day #2776 Big Drill Car - Octopus. Happy birthday to @chrisshary a wonderful artist, contributor to punk rock history, and just a nice human being. #chrisshary #bigdrillcar #bifocalmedia #minorthread #tshirtwars #octopus
Day #2273 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - The Last DJ 2002 Tour. Sadly I was out of town when we lost Mr. Petty but now that I’m back and TP kinda got lost in the violence of today I’m here to say FUCK. TP was so much to so many. Inspired so many musicians today that I (We) all love..I mean. Man it just blows that we have Solmo really horrible people in the world today who seem to keep living long generous lives who don’t seem to deserve or want it. While at the same time these really great creative, inspiring, talented people are just getting picked off one by one. We need more inspiration from this generation. More heroes. More people who aren’t living for themselves and living for this world... it’s a rant I know. I’m just upset at losing people who were just such inspirations.. seriously Mr. Petty you are going to be missed hard. #riptompetty #tompetty #thelastdj #2002 #minorthread #tshirtwars
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 7:19 PM
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Day #2272 Love & Rockets - Love & Rockets. Travel day yesterday so I’m playing catch up.. #loveandrockets #bauhaus #tonesontail #minorthread #tshirtwars
Day #2271 Madonna - Blonde Ambition Tour. Shout out to my local watering hole @jackkniferecordsandtapes on hooking me up with this really great piece that I have always had my eye on. #madonnna #bloneambition #minorthread #tshirtwars
So far I’m halfway finished on this List do in part to a bunch of suspect helpful Shirt nerds Aho made all these happen so I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all that have helped and all the ones in the future that will (hopefully). Still looking for the following in. LG or XL I’d be happy to bu or trade:
Still need: Australia (I’m looking at you @Jamesstraker
South North Carolina
Garden city Idaho And whatever is on the end of this list......hope you all can help. I’d love to plot them all out at once. Great work @chrisshary @descendentscrew @descendents @epitaphrecords