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Evan is his father's son. It's a school sing along, and he refuses to sing or dance.
  • 21jhawk 286w ago

    I like the kid on the left with the double facepalm

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At the theater with these two goofheads about to see Lego Ninjago. Pray for me. And them. 😳
This precious, beautiful, brilliant, crazy, sweet, funny daddy’s girl is 8 YEARS OLD today!!! (Daddy, on the other hand, is curled up in the corner muttering, “No no no...”)
Yep, still posting these little milestones. They’re always a big deal to me because I’m pushing through so much pain, fatigue, and brainfog that every class completion feels like a victory. #havingalupusflarerightnow #stillpassed #sometimesprednisonehelps
Or maybe YOU could try NOT leaving your five-year-old outside ALONE as he roams our neighborhood on his bike, trying to get hit by every car that drives by.
One of Santa's helpers has escaped from dystopian England. Probably ditched the green coat and yellow tights to blend in. #bigbrother #1984 #elf
"Only I am worthy of wielding the Pink Hammer of Destiny!"
One of my photos of the eclipse created this wild lens flare shape, so I added a fancy filter and this came out. (The bright yellowish one is the original.)
It's #hapkido belt test day! 🥋 If you can spare a moment around noon to tear yourself away from Apoceclipse '17 plans and send up a prayer, that'd be swell.

Definitely not as nervous this time as I was the last. Been training and practicing a lot. Feeling pretty good about what I have to do for the test.

On the other hand, my left foot has flared up with some intense plantar fasciitis again. But I'm powering through it. 'Cause that's what I do. Every minute of every day. 🤷‍♂️💪
These appear to be small humans. Don't be fooled. They are, in fact, cleverly disguised fish.