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Nothing I love more than Sundays at home. Cinnamon and vanilla waffles with berries, bananas & blackberry Greek yogurt for my loves.
Missing my @isabellagilmore_ so much today ❤️❤️
When life gives you peaches you make a peach and blueberry galette spiced with cinnamon, and add a dash of amaretto too. Fall baking, I love you.
Excited to be heading back to Barcelona for a few days! There's a couple of restaurants I've been wanting to check out, plus tons of market hags for sure. If you haven't visited Barcelona, make sure you put it in your list. Its beauty is truly unparalleled ❤️
As we celebrate Thanksgiving weekend in this beautiful country that's been my home for 23 years, there are many things I am grateful for. One of those is real friendship. Friends you can count on. The first time I met @thisrenegadelove I felt I had known her forever. This woman is gold and truly one of the most inspiring women I know. Today, I'll see her walking down the aisle to marry her best friend @dbeighteen and I can't wait to see them becoming husband and wife. ❤️ Happy wedding day to a couple I love dearly :) oh and here's a slice of apple pie with salted caramel sauce to wish you guys the happiest Sunday❤️❤️
Celebrating Thanksgiving today needs all kinds of pie right? Today on the blog the most delicious apple pie with a dreamy salted caramel sauce. Baked in a cast iron skillet with a @tenderflakepie crust, this pie is about to become your fave!!
There's something about slowing down and not waiting for tomorrow to take care of what your body needs, and today mine needs breakfast in bed :) Warm croissant, yogurt and berries plus my favourite earl grey by @teapigsca. Made with Darjeeling from the Himalayas and bergamot, they've taken earl grey to another level 🙌🏽 Head to and use the code dialateapigs for a 10% discount in your next order!
I think the reason I love frittatas so much is because you could have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These mini goat cheese frittatas with tons of chives, are on the menu today!
In a medium bowl, mix 6 eggs, 1-2 cup crumbed goat cheese, pinch of salt and pepper and a handful of chopped chives. If you have roasted potatoes, add those too!
Divide mixture in small ramekins or mini cast iron pans, and bake for 12 minutes. Top with 🥑 (AND more goat cheese:)
Life needs to be celebrated, like when you suddenly decide to gather all of your favourite treats and  throw a little party for a few of your friends just because :) To make it even better, I had points accumulated from my @pcfinancial World Elite MasterCard which rewards you with 3× the points and allows you to get food for free! And that needs to be celebrated 🎉

Today on the BLOG! How these farro, shrimp and butternut squash came to life. A recipe that I made last Saturday with the intention to use the last of our garden tomatoes, became what I want to eat all week! Check the link in profile for the recipe and be prepared to love it as much as I do!
Starting Monday with a double espresso & milk + @sarah_kieffer Chocolate chip cookies sounds like a good idea to me :)
Sarah's book is brilliant and these cookies are currently on hold for the rest of the family, but they are not here at the moment, so... 🙋🏽🍪
A few days ago it still felt like summer in the city. Today, fall is definitely in the air, orange leaves are scattered trough my garden and being at home has been what the doctor ordered. It's been a very challenging week, and I'm grateful for all of your messages. Bed, books and tea is how my weekend is looking like.
Happy weekend my friends 😘
With so many tomatoes from the garden I made a quick roasted tomato soup with tons of garlic, thyme and oregano while listening to a kitchen playlist on my @google Home. Music is always on while I cook, even when @hey.maca and I hosted a workshop at the #googleshop last Friday and made guacamole for the best crowd :) thanks to everyone who came by!
#madebygoogle #partner
Today on the blog! With fall holidays coming up I've created a menu that you can prep in under 30 minutes so that you can spend time doing what matters the most. Enjoying your time with friends and family! I was part of the Chef at Home series by @loblawson and got to demo how to make these dishes for an awesome crowd :) find the recipes for my Maple, soy and ginger salmon with roasted potatoes and asparagus + arugula, parmiggiano and pear salad on the link in profile!
Steel cut oatmeal in almond milk with berries, hazelnuts, pecans, bananas, chia & hemp seeds + some of my favourite baking books. A bit of a reminder to never take your health for granted. In bed all day hoping to feel better soon. Happy Monday my friends 😘😘
Brunch made right @thefrenchhamont especially the Niçoise salad 🙌🏽 Love seeing Hamilton's food scene getting stronger by the minute. Sunday Funday is just starting!
When it's almost fall but it still feels like summer! This weekend is set to be a great one :) Today I'll be at the Google shop on Bay & Dundas with my friend @hey.maca hosting a fun @google home workshop (come by, say hi and have some Guacamole too!!) Tomorrow I'll be back to the see the @bluejays in action and Sunday @feistmusic is playing at one of my favourite Toronto venues.
Happy Friday my friends!
Photo by @thisrenegadelove 🌿
While at @espaijoliu waiting for a Flat white & chocolate chip cookie, I'm seriously considering a wall like this at home🌿🌿🌿 maybe is the jetlag? 😄
The beauty about food in Barcelona is how simple it is. Pan con tomate and mussels in a white wine & garlic broth. It truly doesn't get better than that. Meals shared with others while you travel, are a reminder that food has the gift of bringing people together in such a way that you will remember each dish for years to come and that moments like these are to be treasured.
Off to my favourite city in the world (after Toronto of course :) to have all the cortados and tapas. Barcelona truly feels like home, that's why I'm putting the final touches on a City Guide with all my favourite places. Stay tuned and follow on IG stories tomorrow, for a peak into one my go to dinner spots 🍾🍾
We need more mornings where sitting by the dock while having coffee and chatting with friends happen more often. Cherish your true friends, because souls like @thisrenegadelove don't come by often. This weekend as we celebrate her bachelorette, I feel grateful to no end to have found a sister in her 💟🍾 Happy Saturday my friends!