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If you were to look up the word "yolo" in the dictionary, this is what you would find. #nephews
Happy Birthday to this gem right here! I am blessed because you're part of my life. I'm thankful everyday for you. I'm glad that you and McKenzie came as a package deal, because my life would be boring without you. @maggiemay0919
I am equal parts proud and terrified at the fact that this child would rather sit outside and watch the storm than stay within the confines of the house. #nofear #stormchasers (ps. The post is a couple days late because I had no power/wifi.)
Hey Hub students! Here's a chance to help out those suffering because of Hurricane Harvey. Bring it to The Hub this Wednesday. 2 Corinthians 8:14.
Happy birthday to one of the coolest people I know. You not only put up with, but you embrace all the crazy shenanigans that McKenzie and I put you through. Sometimes you even join in. I hope your day today is full of awesomeness and naps. @ericrobinson26
Just a friendly PSA. If you're looking to get some solid work done, you need to hit up @kennyink66. He, and anyone else from @ink66tattoo, will take great care of you. Also, shoutout to @andrewlebronmatthews for the candy skull he did for me. Everything else has been Kenny.
"I get by with a little help from my friends." I wouldn't trade this summer for anything, but I sure have missed y'all while I've been gone.
Day trips with friends make the world a better place...even if they do make you wake up early.
I'm having a pretty good time teaching students about Jesus with these hoodlums. #superwowstaff #superwow @superwowcamp
All of the exhaustion is worth it to have been able to spend the week learning about Jesus with these girls. Also, I have no idea who gave them permission to throw up gang signs. #impact2017
Overwhelming excited about the opportunity to spend this summer ministering to students! So amazing to be surrounded by people who have a heart for God and a desire to spread the Gospel. #superwow #impact @superwowcamp