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Saturated Almost Friday #fromwhereistand

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Cancellations and reschedules all around us, but Preston and his family decided to go for their family photos even with the rain. I have to tell you, I'm pretty much always up for something a little less conventional, and this was so up my alley! #alisonbentsphoto
Had a pretty excellent time gabbing with Josh about speech and debate. We also confirmed that time is definitely not a social construct. You know, in case you were wondering. #alisonbentsphoto #classof2018
Seriously - this sweetness! Amelia's gallery is heading off to her family this afternoon <3 #alisonbentsphoto
A sun-drenched hike through the woods with Jade on Sunday evening was just what my soul needed after so much rain ☀️💚 #alisonbentsphoto #classof2018
Sometimes your sister just loves you so so so so much <3 <3 <3 #alisonbentsphoto
I'm over on @viewfinders_io this morning talking about the thing that's sometimes the hardest part - making a photography bucket list for myself. Do you have big dreams, goals, crazy photo ideas that you'd love to see come to life? This is one of mine from a few years ago - the annual Bison Roundup in Custer State Park - and it was fantastic (I hope to do it again!). #alisonbentsphoto
What we know matters but who we are matters more.... Brené Brown #sps #alisonbentsphoto
These two little ones get to meet their new sibling in just a couple of weeks! #alisonbentsphoto
Sweet and curious, little Amelia is already three months old! I'm having such fun photographing her through her first year <3 #alisonbentsphoto
Another quick before and after September highlight - seriously, this was so much fun! 🌈😍 #alisonbentsphoto
A very small handful of my favorites from the month of September are up on my blog today <3 Make sure to hop around to the other ladies' sites to see the early fall gorgeousness in their necks of the woods! #alisonbentsphoto #linkinbio
Sure, the sweet smiles, the loving looks, the tender moments, and the steamy gazes are amazing, but what will win me every single time is complete and utter gut busting laughter. Give me all the joy! #alisonbentsphoto
Every Day / I see or hear
something / that more or less
kills me / with delight
... from "Mindful" by Mary Oliver #alisonbentsphoto
Putting the finishing touches on this gallery this morning and then it's off to Addison's family! Hope your weekend was met with as much gusto as a two-fisted first birthday cake 🎂💚 #alisonbentsphoto
1. It's Friday and a celebratory photo is definitely in order
2. Barbie pink party buses will ALWAYS win the day
3. The joy on Shannon's face <3
and 4. The way Cesar's looking at his brand new wife, Shannon? 😍😍
#FriYAY #pinkpartybus #alisonbentsphoto
This super sweet (and very fast) family is getting their gallery today! <3 #alisonbentsphoto
To say we had fun yesterday evening would be a tiny bit of an understatement... 🌈💚 #alisonbentsphoto #paintfight #ineedashower
Big, beautiful, joyous and laughter-filled congratulations to these two! Shannon and Cesar's Our Lady of Lourdes and St Paul Hotel wedding yesterday was so lovely - I can't wait to share more and more of their images! #alisonbentsphoto