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The closest that I've gotten to murder: Holding Oreos under the milk until the bubbles stop...

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Egg hunting in the rain with friends and their families this Easter. This one was a cat with a bunny tail 😄 too bad the tail fell off 😝 Hope you all had a Happy Easter!
Spilled some water while ironing my clothes -- photo op!! Lol 😄 enjoy your weekend everyone!
My toddler is a fruit monster. If I let him, he will eat all of these in one sitting. All.
Yay for spring flowers 💐🌼🌷🌸💞💞💞
I had my day all planned out -- I was going to get a whole lotta sh-t done at home (clean, wash, make bread, knit, etc etc.) Yeah okay. It's already 5pm and all I did was mop the kitchen floor. I blame the baby for refusing to take a nap 😝 #ineedanannyandamaid #andacookandabutler #hmmormaybeapoolboy #nahijustneedavacation #butillsettleforanap
Swirly-whirly-curly-woo...!! Lol don't mind me I feel silly today 😆 Little trailing vine from my husband's vegetable garden. Cucumber, I believe. Happy Sunday everyone!
wAy too hot for a photowalk... So I'm scrolling through the archives instead 😉 happy hot and humid (here at least) Monday everyone!
Surprised to find that I miss editing in bnw. I guess sometimes color just doesn't cut it..?
Got a nice surprise at work today. Hopefully I don't kill it this time... (Even my boss asked if I was sure I could handle it LOL)
Rainy, chilly first day of June...but here -- a little orange and red to brighten up the day😄
Am I the only one who's annoyed that it seems like it's taking forever to warm up..? I am not comfortable unless it's at least 80. Jussayin.😏
So. I show up to my part time job today, only to find out that it's NEXT Wednesday that I'm supposed to be working. Idiot. Lol.
These little bell-like flowers are so cute 💙💜 Happy Friday everyone!👋🏼😃
Nice day out. So I ditched the chores and went on a photowalk with the tadpole instead 😉 sorry-not-sorry, but domestic goddess I am NOT. I hate housework 😝