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  • Mario still think that I was a Dr. I guess cause I got Dr. Money..... Lol

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Fam stopped by to chill on his way to da Chi
@velisosadte6 brah did 800k in the first 24 hours.... y'all better get with it
Wanna wish my niece who I help raise like a daughter since she was 3 a Happy B Day @prettygyrl_a
I wanna wish my cuzo/Lil brother @percyljones and his wife Kayla a Happy Anniversary .... a 2 x loser ex drug dealer gang banger that turnt his life around got a wife and kids and a job making over 6 figures a year..I'm proud of ya brah. We stayed in some shit back In da gap... I use to blame myself for a lot shit you did following in my footsteps but we both got it right now...
@pmoneyy93 the point guard for MCG stacking dat bread up... I see ya nep
Happy late G Day to my Big Homie Big 🔯... still in Marlin, TX
Man if y'all still ain't got that O. G. By my homie @velisosadte6 kill yo self. Always talking shit about ain't no good music out here. Y'all ain't looking in the right place. This shit street certified. If I post some music on my page it's a reason