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(Made with @Versagram) #versagram honestly, what dictates standards such as these?
  • the way you treat animals and humans

  • For me, it's anything that stirs something inside of me, emotions or thoughts or otherwise. It's relative and therefore cannot be given the limitations of a specific definition.

  • Nice answer @_madison_rose_ retry much sums it up in my opinion

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I have ideas for ways to increase the efficiency of some electronic devices, I am going to build dome prototypes in a few years if I can, if I remember to, I will share them with you as well as any person on the internet that sees it and has time to spare.
Honestly, men and women of our society ask for so much they could squire with only the slightest effort if only they realized that the slightest effort is all it takes.
I'm really not sure who I am. I think I know who I should be, but I can't help but to think that it's just not me. But what is?
If you think you know my name, give me a way to message you and I will do so, so that you will be able to respond with what you believe my name is.
(Made with @Versagram) #versagram honestly, don't lessons like this require effort to learn? Doesn't it typically require some sort of reason for believing people are naturally good? I have seen a dark side of humanity, not the darkest I admit, but most definitely not one to raise my perspective of humanity as a whole, how can it be that I instinctively try to convince myself that people have good intentions? More importantly, why do I try to ind out why when I should be preoccupied with fixing the problems that have been caused? My god, I have some thinking to do
(Made with @Versagram) #versagram simply put, do not ask of other what you would find unfair if asked of you.
(Made with @Versagram) #versagram obviously you cannot find a persons personality or background entirely, but you see their beliefs, and through that, an idea of who they are
(Made with @Versagram) #versagram as we all know, in order to understand something, you first have to be willing to accept it or anything as a possibility.
(Made with @Versagram) #versagram when listening to only what they intentionally tell you, you learn only what they want you to think, when listening to their questions to you, you learn what they want from you, their motive.
(Made with @Versagram) #versagram it is a story I hate having experienced, but it's the experience that haunts, not the tale.
(Made with @Versagram) #versagram we live in a world where people don't want to share anything, no matter how little it costs them
(Made with @Versagram) #versagram sucks to hear about a song and get a little excited to hear it and then realize the song sucks