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pvega 285w ago
This is what dreams are made of....
  • Omg!

  • Lake Como!!! Swooooon!

  • wendizzal 285w ago

    Vatican!! Amazing!

  • Wow, looks incredible. You spelled the louvre wrong. I only mention it because we're already on thin ice with the French.

  • I highly recommend the coliseum

  • pvega 285w ago

    @richindesign this is Sean's agenda but I probably would've spelled it wrong too. As long as we spelled pizza and spaghetti right, I'm not too concerned about the rest :)

  • Now I know when to break into your house and throw a party!

  • Oh my lady. I've been to all these places and can tell you-it's amazing!!! You're going to have such an incredible time!! I too highly recommend the coliseum if you can pull it off while in Rome. Also while at the louve-we used rick Steve's guide and it took us to all the important spots....still spending hours there but you will have seen all the important stuff! Omg have so much fun!!

  • pvega 285w ago

    @mikeyfresssh awesome, our house sitter is super cute so you're in luck.

  • Ahhh. You have to try and make Laduree for tea and macaroons when you're near the louvre

  • Louvre

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pvega 2d ago
I was 8 years old when my great grandmother handed me a ribbon and asked me to braid her hair. I didn't know how to braid and I had no idea what to do with the ribbon. As I braided her hair over and over again until I got it right, she told me stories about wearing her hair in a braid with a ribbon as a little girl so this morning when Ina asked me to braid her hair and handed me a ribbon my heart exploded. I told her stories about my beloved "Cheen Cheen" while braiding her hair incredibly slow because I didn't want the moment to end. Storytelling is truly our greatest gift 🎀💞
pvega 4d ago
I was asked by my friends at @bme_nyc to share my morning routine and include some tips. The truth is, I'm TIPLESS. I take a deep breath at 6:30 a.m. and start the morning madness (change the baby, feed the baby, inhale a massive cup of coffee while packing lunch, wake the kid, change the kid, look for the baby, feed the kid, feed the dogs, throw on jeans, brush the kid's hair, bonus points if I manage to brush my own hair, look for the baby, pack it all in the car, pray the baby didn't poop, change baby again, load everyone in the car) 75 minutes later take another breath and turn on the car. I'm far from having it all together but I asked the kid to share some tips and this is what she had to offer: "01 | make sure you buckle us. 02 | dance party on the way to school. 03. | don't forget me at home." I'm always forgetting at least one thing so I believe she was not joking on tip #3 - swipe ⬅️ for a visual representation of her tips documented by the kid herself ✨
pvega 5d ago
Just me and @tvglenn nailing our roles as "behind-the-camera" team. Also, make sure you set that DVR to record @homeandfamilytv tomorrow to catch this golden gal doing her thing ✨ 📸 @1011makeup
pvega 1w ago
Who knew a place I spent my entire childhood trying to escape would end up being my place of solace as an adult (semi-adult). #DesertRat #MamaKnewBest #StillGladIChoseToRunAwayToChico
pvega 1w ago
It was 4:34pm as we rushed into a winery wearing a sleeping baby with a sleeping 4 year old in a stroller and I said to the lady in the tasting room, "we made it! It was not easy trying to schlep two sleepy kids out of a camp site in time to sneak in a tasting but we made it!" She looked at me with her kind eyes and said, "we stop pouring at 4:30pm." Luckily, she picked up on the desperation in my eyes because she followed that with, "red or white?"....I finally got to taste @saarloosandsons, signed us up as members (aka "family") picked up a couple bottles for girls night (woot 🙌🏽) and I left a happy gal. (Pic from the ride home, because Los Olivos is so beautiful and Ina missed it cause she was STILL sleeping.) P.S. I can't say enough amazing things about Saarloos. The man behind the label is Keith. He pours his heart into everything he does and you can taste it in the wine, read it in his captions on IG and feel it the moment you walk into their "home." A real gem that I'm proud to support ✨
pvega 1w ago
I wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes my calf too ❤️ if you scoop up these leggings or any other item from the @beyondyoga Motherlover collection, $5 of your purchase will go directly to @allianceofmoms so they (and I) can continue the work we're all doing to educate and support the young moms in the foster care system. 📸@lilyro_
pvega 2w ago
Anyone who knows me knows my sister is my first and forever love. The end. #HappyBirthdayBabySister #GoldenBirthday #LoveYouLongTime
pvega 2w ago
She said to me today, "did you know that when I kiss you, all the happiness inside me goes to you?" I needed that more than she knows, or maybe she knows me more than I know. #InaSayings
pvega 3w ago
Ozzy's wave at the end of this "How I Wrap" video for @sollybabywrap is everything. #NailedIt 🙌🏽
pvega 3w ago
There's a little mama & mini style feature on @mothermag today. It's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself ✨ 📸 @lilyro_
pvega 3w ago
And with a very wiggly photo shoot... #10months boom 💥 #TheGreatOzMonths
pvega 3w ago
To celebrate 10 months, I wore his favorite sweater, outfitted him in his coolest threads (thanks Dash Wanger!), let him have a couple of his sister's french fries at dinner and even let the dog give him an extra smooch. Pic cred: Ina Vega
pvega 4w ago
One more just because his double chin, her sweet grin and my ability to hold them tight.
pvega 4w ago
Yesterday was non-stop (in a very good way), today was the opposite of that (in a very good way too).
pvega 4w ago
I'm about to share with ya'll the secret to throwing an amazing event so here it goes....01. Seek out @lafemmeepicure to whip up the most insanely delicious meal. Sarah went above and beyond to make sure everything from top to bottom coordinated with the colors of the Solly Baby FW17 collection and the mamas attending the event were nurtured and comfortable. 02. Work with @hostesshaven to introduce you to the latest and greatest in tableware and the most perfect rose gold flatware. 03. Recruit @flowergirllosangeles to forage the most beautiful of beautiful florals and details for gift boxes. Kelsey! You made it all so darn pretty! 04. Location location location....pick a good spot that smells like strawberries and makes you smile upon arrival @parachutehome hotel is such a dream. 05. Call up your girl @cbaine to capture it all! Cassidy, you are such a beauty and an absolute light to be around! 06. Surround yourself with the best of the best @ellerowley @knsulli @rachdesztich @emmadime @shortkort seriously best team on the 🌎I would throw a party every single day if it meant more time with the team. 07. Invite old friends + new (tagged in pic in case you care to meet the party crew) 08. GIFTS!!!! @pfcandleco @parachutehome @briarhandmade spoiling the guests through and through ✨ 09. Get yo self a hot hubby who will load up the car with all the stuff and say things like, "how was it? Tell me everything!" the moment your exhausted butt gets home and lastly but most definitely not least, bring @menagerie_mama along for the ride! I like to talk A LOT and she likes to listen. She also makes sure I don't forget my sunglasses, helps me with every single step of the way and is general awesomeness. Ok....there. The secret to event success. IT TAKES A VILLAGE ™ (p.s. Totally just kidding about throwing an epic party every day. I would literally die but I do love my @sollybabywrap team a lot a lot). 📸 @rachdesztich
pvega 4w ago
Because it's #BumpDay Im bringing back a bump pic for the first time since Oz man was born. Coincidentally, it was taken this time last year. And for the record, I'm not a pleasant preggo (a huge shout out to all my friends who endured my complaints 😏) but a tiny tiny insane piece of me misses this time and all the excitement Ina had to meet her brother.