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day 25: looking down at ripe strawberries in our garden. #photoadayapril #photoaday { appmashup: #phonto #camera+ }
  • My bags are packed. I'm coming to live with you.

  • @__andrea : come on over, it's nice in California. ☀ plus, we have the same name so I'm sure you're awesome! 👊

  • Yes! 👊

  • Wow! I was gonna say that has to be California for you to steady have strawberries. Ours aren't until August/September!

  • Rich just planted strawberries yesterday. Yummy

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Friends!!! If you haven’t checked out the new Print & Snip Shop from @theresetgirl - you’ve just got to stop by! The magazine cover on the left side is for a TN and goes perfectly with the Grateful kit! Start at and click on Marketplace. Happy shopping!
Why yes, I am listening to a @packers podcast with my pretty floral wallpaper in the background. Pretty much what you get with me. Feminine - but football.
☺️🏈🌷 #walkingcontradiction
Not that you’re surprised. 😉
So what are you all about that people might find contradictory? Another one for me is I don’t like the taste or smell of coffee but loooove coffee ice cream!
JOY is live!!! It’s a good one friends!! Joy is super classic and soft but bold and there are so many fun elements to this kit that I am so excited to play with!

Swipe for some of my favorites and you’re welcome to use my affiliate link (in my profile). #felicityjanejoy
If you’re a @felicityjanestudio subscriber, you gained early access to the December kit Joy today. Everyone else gets to pre-order Joy tomorrow at 8am MST. Mark your calendars and set your clocks, friends! This is a good one!! ❤️🎄
#felicityjane #felicityjanejoy
Raise ‘em up high if you can get down with self-checkout just to avoid chit-chat? 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 Documenting these seemingly boring parts of life are my favorite things and hope we get a good laugh in 20 years when robots are doing our shopping for us! 😆🤖❤️
Aaaaanyhoo - this layout is all from @ellesstudio October kit and you can grab yours using the affiliate link in my profile.
I need more weekend in my weekend and am NOT ready for tomorrow. Hanging on to the last bits of Sunday.
Spent the afternoon with some local crafty babes! Thanks for hosting @babz510!
Heading out to see some pretty special crafty babes! So special that I would put on makeup, leave my house on a Sunday and delay watching my Packers game just to hang with them!!! So excited! Any guesses who I’m hanging with today??
Filling up pages of God’s Word sure is filling up my soul. 💗 Still going strong with the #trgfaithfullifechallenge and loving it! The last image is a clip from the “Watch Me Work” video that’s on my channel so feel free to check that out if you’d like to see the whole thing come together. 💗
(All products are from @theresetgirlshop and the notebook is from @illustratedfaith and @dayspringcards - links for those are in the video description!)
Seriously. This shall be henceforth known as ‘The Scribbling Months’. Thanks to @mrs.elaine.davis for inspiring me to get a little messy! 💛
Cake makes it official. 🔟👌🏻🍰🎉
Marsh is ready for friends & counting down the minutes!
I am so beyond basic today. But I added mint to my java chip so does that make me a little bit extra? 👌🏻
Officially on my Christmas list.
I honestly don’t even know what I would do with this game but the name ALONE is reason to own it:
Art of Chill.
I mean, this game is made for me.
Found at Target and it’s $25. 👩🏻‍🎨
@marine_parents @shannanoel 😍😱
Not only did he make a list, but he drew pictures of each item in case I needed some additional info. 😆
He turns 🔟 tomorrow and he’s gonna love what we got him 🎮
AND he’s having his best dudes over for some serious video gaming! 👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻
#prayforme 😁
I scrapbook about food. Don’t be ashamed if you do too! Snacks are life!
See more of this on the @ellesstudio blog today!
Today on the @illustratedfaith I’m sharing how I used the new @bellablvdllc collection Gratitude Documented in my scripture writing! The theme of the scripture challenge is gratitude and it was fun learning new verses about this topic using such colorful and meaningful products!
There’s just always so much to be thankful for so a list/pocket page/bible page is definitely coming next because I need more of these leaves and florals in my life!
#illustratedfaith @dayspringcards
Gladly wound up in a pay-it-forward-cycle at Starbucks and Gibson and I wondered how long these strings last. So happy to have been able to keep it going!