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I should be on Cupcake Wars by now...

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I spent a lot of my life feeling scared and sad and confused and alone. But now, because of amazing friends & family, medication, and writing, these past few months I'm the happiest I've ever been. I still have difficult days, but oh man have I come a long long way. I'm always here for anyone who needs an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or a snack to eat. You are not alone. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #worldmentalhealthday
Here's to spontaneous nights with Dad 💕 Special shoutout to the girl and her friend who held up two phone lights to make sure the picture was well-lit!
From our fourth grade classroom to street corners in Huntington, thanks for always making me smile 💕
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In years past, I've made posts about some of the difficulties I faced --- both during and after my treatment for ALL. This year, I want to say how grateful I am to call myself a survivor. Nearly 15 years after my diagnosis, I'm finally starting to feel wholly well. Thank you everyone who helped make that possible, then and now. Here's to rediscovering wonder! #ChildhoodCancer #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth #FuckCancer
Here's to hoping there's a book somewhere in this chaos...
Breaking News: These will be the only articles of clothing I wear for the rest of forever (or, rather, until our next Redbubble shipment arrives). Photo Credit and Art Credit both go to my insanely talented mom
SOMEHOW I missed the opportunity to post on #nationalbookloversday (in all honesty I spent yesterday off screens, reading --- which, given the occasion, I think is a pretty good excuse). Here's a throwback to show that books have always been an important part of my life!!! 📕❤️📙💛📗💚📘💙📓🖤📖📚
Shameless self-plug: I created an art instagram today if anyone would like to follow it! 🎉