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happy 22nd birthday to my favorite human!!! you deserve everything you want and more. thankful God put you in my life JB i love you😘
if you ever need amazing pictures done, have do them!! she's the best!!!! p.s @gabrielleldavis is really good at posing ppl🤗
few days late on posting this but i'm still just as excited!!!! cannot wait to stand by your side on your special day Taylor💕 #keepinitkimbrough
beach trip number 93827263894 together but going on year 15 of being best friends!!!! love u s'much💙
wild🐯 & beachy🌸 •siesta keys 2017 :)
i took this in a dominos parking lot🤔
first CMA fest with JB = ✔️ 😍😍😍
happy 1 year to us! thankful to be with someone who i can tell anything to, listens to my bad jokes, and makes me feel like the happiest person in the world. love you more than you'll ever know twat. best 365 days of my life🖤
happy birthday to gail!!!! thanks for always making me laugh and for crying when you say you miss me😭 love you always thanks for me my life long friend butt head!!! also tbt to the best week of our lives🤗
they say if you're friends with someone for more than 10 years then you have a friend for life. well luckily i met gabby 14 years ago in first grade. so thankful for this strong, beautiful, Jesus loving best friend of mine. H20BD to someone that means the world to me!! love you more than puppies (& we know how much i love puppies)😘 here's to many more bdays!!!!!!!
just wanted to say how thankful i am for the past 14 years of friendship with this butt head. i'm a proud best friend bc you have accomplished so much at such a young age. your strength amazes me daily and i'm just lucky to have you in my life. i'll always stand by your side, swoni. i love you tons. 💕
H22BD to my girl!!!!! so happy i have you in my life, you make it so much more fun! can't wait for summer w/ ya🤗 hope you have the best day ever. love you tons!!!!!! 🖤🖤🖤
to the woman who i've spent the past 14 years doing almost everything with, you'll forever be in my heart. you were a second mother to me and i am so grateful that i was given the opportunity to spend more than half of my life with you. you taught me so many life lessons that i will never forget. i love you more than words. i've made so many memories with you that i don't think i can pick a favorite one but i know one of your favorites was of us making fun of how my mom answered the phone. i miss you already kelly, tell Jesus i said hey. this is not a good bye, it's just a see you later. 💕 1/28/17.
as you can tell, JB never fails to put a smile on my face:))
Santa didn't have to give me anything this year bc lucky enough God gave me you😍
happy veterans day to all the past, present, & future servicemen and women! special thanks to this one though🤗