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Hello Las Vegas! So excited about @thisisnotapril's wedding this weekend!

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What? You don’t have Christmas 1991 stamps just laying in the bottom of your desk drawer? 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🙌🏻🎉🙋🏼
Visiting the Johns Hopkins campus. So much history has happened here, it is almost palpable. #havegearwilltravel #baltimore
Wearing my @jamesavery Texas heart charm today! They raised nearly $2m for Hurricane Harvey flood relief! 😍❤️🙌🏻🎉❤️😍
Hall & Oates, making our dreams come true! What a great night to kick off birthday week!
Not sure how I feel about our favorite ice cream from our honeymoon in Paris now being available in Houston - but it tastes divine! #houston #paris #amorinogelato
The designs are in from @candelitalab and OMG. I love them so much! I can't wait to launch this! #preparetolaunch #thelifeboss
Look at that! Blue sky & sunset. I'm so thankful to see that again! #houstonstrong #hoUSton
Do you know what this is?!? It is a DRY SIDEWALK. There is a dry street just beyond. No constant pulse of rain falling. Some wind, but otherwise just the frogs. So quiet, I could cry. Goodbye, Harvey! Good riddance! #hoUSton #houstonstrong
Moved things up the other day just in case as the water outside was rising. (Thankfully it didn't get high enough to flood us. A miracle.) Now #grahamthecat thinks it is his personal gym. Crazy cat! #harvey2017 #houstonstrong
The squirrels are taking refuge on our porch columns, high & dry. I'll take squirrels over snakes. #hurricaneharvey #stillraining
The ditch is empty, the yard & road are clear! (For now. Still raining.) This was the best thing to wake up to this morning. Have power & the house is ok. #Harvey2017 #HurricaneHarvey
I'm the blue dot. It looks like this through 3am. Our house & cars are still dry, but that could change. #Harvey2017 #HurricaneHarvey
Our current situation with #hurricaneharvey is wet but otherwise fine here in the #houstonheights - heavy rain this morning, but not now. Ditches are dry. This could change quickly though as the ground is more saturated now. So we will wait & watch. For now, all is ok.
Right now in Houston: light rain, but there is more to come. No almond milk, regular milk, bread, water, or chips left at the store. We have food for days & water - all set for whatever this storm brings. (We went for some veggies and cat litter. Already had the essentials.) #hurricaneharvey
Irony: went out to grab the mail, and our Flood Insurance renewal policy documents arrived. #hurricaneharvey #houston