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This morning Xavi was really upset because he wanted to 'make something for daddy'... he had a very clear picture of what he wanted to make me. A Daredevil mask. So Robyn helped him put together this bad boy. It just needs some red paint!
Apparently this is what 'being better' feels like. Can't wait to not feel sick.
Kid free time was nice, but there's a special sort of joy I got watching Xavi, 4, be a horse for Ellie, 2.
Farewell Tasmania and your 10 degree spring days. It's been fun. Hello 30 degree summer in Queensland.
I read a lot of kids books. I've noticed two recent trends that were cool when they weren't trends but now are a bit lame.

1. Books that break the 4th wall. The characters know they are in a book. This was mind blowing when Jostein Gaarder did it to teach philosophy (as a twist), and in early works like We Are In A Book.

2. Books where the message of the book is that kids books are good for teaching us to have an imagination. I reckon this is more to tell parents why reading to their kids is a good thing to do; cause when it comes to kids I think 'show, don't tell' probably works better here.

So I propose one book to rule them all; a book where the characters know they are in a book and use knowing they are in a book to teach the readers to have an imagination; then can we get back to fun stories?
Enjoyed the description of this room in the Museum of Everything as: "Fragile men depicting themselves as masters of the universe... isn't that what we all do. I think so"
Today we are 10.
This wonderful woman has done all she promised on this day ten years ago, and more. We've had sickness, health, wealth and as much poverty as two fulltime students can experience in this country. The prayers of those who prayed on this day, and during some of the years of struggle have been answered with three pretty great kids who are shaped and nurtured by her stubborn commitment to their good. We aren't a perfect family and she isn't a perfect wife, we fight, we're both obstinent, we make mistakes and we often wonder what on earth it is we're doing with our lives... but she is better than I deserve and a beautiful picture of grace to me. Especially because she puts up with me. A decade gives you a pretty clear sense of what annoys you about another person, and so I now talk to couples in pre-marriage stuff about forgiveness and forbearance because those are the things I most appreciate in our marriage.
Robyn patiently endures my dreaming and scheming, and the things I do that would drive most mere mortals crazy. I love my wife fiercely and look forward to more tens in decades to come. It is my privilege to be loved by her and to love her.
We are ten, but we are one, and I'm thankful to God that he joined us together in this mystical union. And I pray that through her love for me and mine for her, we might in humble ways, show other people (including our kids) the bigness and goodness of sacrificial love. If I manage this it'll be because Robyn is a good teacher and maybe because she doesn't just patiently endure some of my scheming but actually makes it work better... “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” —Matthew‬ ‭19:5-6‬ ‭
I'm normally a 'no photos of the preacher' guy; but it was a privilege to have Lachy step up to preach for the first time yesterday technology failures and all...
Accidentally fully branded for coffees at home this morning. Oh well. @hopestreetcafe
I've been having a pretty hard week so when I got a phone call from an ATO scammer yesterday who asked for my tax file number and then swore at me when I said no, I called back again and again asking to 'speak to a manager'... I just had an 18 minute conversation with 'Mark' (his fake name) where he quoted nursery rhymes at me, told me his God was Lucifer, and that he steals money from rich people to give it to poor people in Somalia. I used every time I got to speak to tell him he needs Jesus and to appeal to his conscience that I believe he has because he's made in the image of God. It took him 18 minutes to hang up; so that's 18 minutes of him not calling other people. He says he lives in Melbourne so I recommended some churches to him.
Please feel free to call this number.
This is Mark the postie. Here we were, Ryan, Ryan, Peter and I, talking about how Ryan should preach on 1 Thessalonians 1 and Mark the postie chimed in with some suggestions; we ended up talking to him about how he came to trust Jesus four years back but how he's recently moved up here to Brisbane and hasn't found a church yet. I'm always struck by how weird it is to sit in public spaces and talk about Jesus and who might be listening. Today it was worth it.
I guess I'm flattered that someone would take the time to do this even though I'm not sure I've been silent on same sex marriage?

Sometimes the actions of no campaigners are enough to push me to want to vote yes...