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First night back in the Basque Country in 5 years, and got to sit at this dinner. Un sociedad de Zarautz, so much fresh food, wine, cider, and SONGS. All time. @laplazaskateshop
She held my hand through life, taught me how to respect my family (especially the women), kept my secrets to herself, laughed through life, and of course made me a proud Irishman. I will cherish every moment I ever had with you. May you Rest In Peace Mom Mom. I love you.
Could it be...the last #dropthegoat for a few months. Off to Boulder she goes! Love you Little Goat ! @seamoose123 @dropthegoat
Channel Islands Uni grind. These guys can't wait for it to get on the boat!
Learned A LOT from this lady over the years. Always up for a good time too! Love you Mole, Happy B Day 8/8/88
The girl may have graduated, but now he's a camp counselor looking after bunch of wild coyotes 🙊 #dropthegoat @dropthegoat
TheraSurf had the pleasure of doing a two day event in Jamaica last week. Thank you to all of the kids, families, and surfers for making this magic happen. One Love! 🇯🇲
Trying on suits for the Goats last prom at Malibu High School...what y'all think? #whitewall