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“From this top floor view I could see it all” 🎶 Filming in atl for a few weeks hollar at me y’all!
Just drove by and saw the homie trying to get it. He got the boot.
Need some body to cut 100 studs call me. This is my new miter saw set up. #hicgenuity WE ARE BUILDING THE SECOND SIDE IF YOURE SKATING WATCH OUT !!! @hicwarehouse
Yes this is a man flying into the side of a short bus. All this and more on the Season finale of #gnarkatz. Link in bio or Watch @thegnarkatz on @go90 for FREE! @hicwarehouse 📱 @michaeltetkoski 🏂 @pabst_blue_aaron
Gives me goosebumps seeing how good you and all the kids have gotten skating the park. @hicwarehouse @bolton_kird
Season finale of #Gnarkatz is out!!! Check @go90 and search @thegnarkatz
See why everyone is so hyped! Watch the #gnarkatz bonus edit exclusively on @transworldskate!! With all original music by @djdollamenu! Filmed and edited by me and @tre_chance! The edit is at the end of my interview on Transworld's website. Nose bonk: @rad_cool_bad Link in my bio! @thegnarkatz
So stoked to have an interview on @transworldskate website about @thegnarkatz ! They also exclusively posted our season finale bonus edit! Check the interview link in bio! #gnarkatz
Stoked to have over 1 million views on @realratedred Facebook page. Go check out all the funny/hateful comments we're getting and add some yourselves. Link in bio!
Seriously can't believe you started at the very top and made it down this hill dude. So gnarly! Half way down it gets even steeper and you went all the way! Happy birthday @pistoln1handjackdnother !!! You can watch the whole edit on @thegnarkatz on the @go90 app!!!