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I found something other than a snail in my contained garden!
Did you hear a man set his house on fire trying to rid it of spiders with a blow torch?
The Chinese opium smoker on a miniature rosewood curved bench. #vintagefind
I have a hole in my nose, HA HA HA!
My favorite mannequin 😍
I made this witch doll many years ago, her clothing is made of men's ties pieced together.
For those of you are hungry: tuna, celery, capers, red onion, dill pickle, red bell pepper, mayo , mustard and Penzeys sandwich sprinkle.
Walk in the woods...with a crazed iger on your tail
A bent eucalyptus tree on the path
My first attempt with icolorama, layered with Snapseed and werble. I'm a 1st grader!
First time I've seen the light house lit at the harbor! It needed a little drama...