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I had the honor & privilege of co-writing my first 📖alongside people I greatly admire & I now call friends. // My prayer is that this resource will help churches build God's Kingdom through social. #TrendingUp 📈
May the sky that’s my limit be merely your playground.
To all my creative friends that at some point over the last 9 years have said... “One day I’ll visit you in Australia”... This is your chance... Our first ever @HillsongWCC + Album Recording + Sydney’s 👌🏼😎☀️ weather -->
Last night was Millie's first time on stage at church... Even though it was like 10 seconds... in my eyes, she crushed that walk! #ProudDad
Still thinking about how good 'the best dragon slayer in the business' did last night! Thank you! #SpanishVoiceOvers #🐲🗡#💡
"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." -SJ  // This trip has been really inspiring and I feel challenged to dream bigger than ever.
Oh baby... can't believe you're ONE already... I can't really remember life before you... Happy Birthday my Amelie Snow! 🎁🎈🎉 #ILYSM
Millie couldn't keep up with Mum & Dad's dancing... 💃🏻😴 #JoMattrimony
Today we met baby Cohen Alexander and we love him so much already! 😍@SamCarrasco & @KarlyCarrasco welcome to the club. #SamWeAreGettingOld #MexalianBabies
Me: "Hey @KatrinaHuergo it's Fathers Day in Mexico/USA"
K: "We live in Australia mate, we'll celebrate you in September" // Anyways... I wanted to say Feliz Día Pá to @Huergo99 // Secondly... I love this cheeky 🙉 with my whole heart and feel privileged I get to be her Dadda. #QuotesFromCaptionAreParaphrased #KindofLikeTheMessageBible
Productive meetings today with these two... They asked me how Mexicans felt about the wall, so I said "they'll get over it".
This year is different... I'm thankful for what Jesus did, not only for me but for my little one too... Happy Easter!

Ps. Thanks uncle @SamCarrasco for the family 📸's!
Today we dedicated Amelie. Hopefully she will start sleeping better... That's how it works right? #ILoveThisKidWithMyWholeHeart