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  Posted: Apr 25, 2012 4:46 AM FEED
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Jolly Ranchers are too good. Somebody stop me!

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I GOT IT BAD for this band. BEAUTY COMMUNITY is out today. Congrats to the talented beings known as @theelwins for a truly flavourful and memorable body of work. Put your buds in your ears and listen to the sounds of my buds. Had a blast producing this. @jaydufour thanks for putting your sauce on these delicious songs. One day I'll learn your secret blend. Till then, #taketheplunge
Said goodbye to some walls, floors and windows, but I'm grateful for every note that was played/sung/heard in their presence. I'm thankful for every artist that entered this place and vowed to make something memorable, magical and un-replicable. This place gave me the unforgettable opportunity to discover what I have to offer, and now I take that knowledge and create my new safe-haven for artists like me, who want to feel the world passing by them, and capture it however they feel in that moment. See you at 2.0
Posted: Sep 14, 2017 10:48 PM
15 X-Pro II
dreaming of corona (not really) 📸 by: @feurd
Summer full of serious jams, delicious coffee, and mad laughs with @likepacific. Get ready for another banger LP from LP #meecrob photos by @lukexpacific
#HBDGG This girl is cooler than I will ever be. The happiest of birthdays to the babliest of babes. 🔥❤️😍
HOT NEWS!!! 🔥🔥🔥 the new album "BEAUTY COMMUNITY" by @theelwins out October 13. So much went into the making of this album. Taste the excitement on @spotify @applemusic @itunes and hear the first single "Hey! Ya, You". (Mixed by @jaydufour // Photos by @vanessaheins)
#deadreflection is out into the world. Very proud of this band for opening creative doors and trying things outside of their comfort zone. It led to an amazing recording experience and ultimately a great record. Go say hi to them on the rest of @vanswarpedtour and pick up a copy!!
Had a seriously beautiful time reimagining this amazing classic song for @songsbyralph! Link in the bio ❤️💛💚💙💜
😭 today feels good. @donovanwoods has written some of my fav songs over the last few years and this one gets thrown right on top of the pile ! Making this production was swift and sweet and will certainly give you all the feels. Thanks @spotifycanada for throwing it on #newmusicfriday, @jaydufour for knocking the mix out of the park, @frazietrain for sharing my work w Donovan and @angii_de for being the best and also showing me the banger "On The Nights You Stay Home".
🙏🏻 slick studio pic by my new pal @wafka ! my prayers were answered that day recording @silverstein's #DEADREFLECTION
NEW MUSIC COMIN YOUR WAY! @silverstein and I locked ourselves up earlier this year and made a really exciting record. I can't wait for their fans and new fans alike to dive in deep to this bad boy. #DEADREFLECTION - peep their profile for all the links and new song and video for the single "Retrograde"
I'm sitting here in Nashville, getting a heavy dose of talented songwriters and performers, but still THIS SONG plays in my head. If I've been lucky enough for you to have followed me for the past how many years I've been on this thing you've probably seen me post the name Andrew Hyatt. I met Andrew in my 1 year college program and our symbiotic relationship began. He had the songs and the voice and about as soon as I could, I began to do my best to capture the magic that he's got. This song is the realest and rawest display of what Andrew has to offer this big ol' scary world of music. Do your heart a favour and listen to this song. Link the bio. (Even check out a one take live clip over at @cmtcanada) mix: @jaydufour pedal steel: @agoldrules
#INVITINGLIGHT DAY!! Get hyped and spin this banger today! @theflatliners are currently touring across Canada with @weezer and I couldn't be prouder of my hometown heroes. Produced by @teenagekicksto and myself, mixed by this guy. Happy Friday y'all!!
May this beautiful birthday boy melt all of your hearts! Happiest of happy to my brother for real @matthewwsweeney! 🎉🎁🎂🎈🎊 #GQ #GeniusWeekly #SmartGuyMagazine
These two bout to drop a fire ass mixtape 📀