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Sometimes, you sell your beloved gold chairs to the perfect person from CL and after spending 2 hours chatting in your driveway, they drive away and you think “I wish she was my friend.” And a little voice inside just knows “I’m gonna work with her someday.” And then nothing happens until three years later when you have finally have lunch and end up spending the day working together and making plans. And then you go to her house and you just know this is a lady after your own heart. @sharque1 thanks for having lunch with me. 😘
Tea. Kitten snuggles. Homework taught by Kash because this mom doesn’t know her 7th grade algebra. #sotired #soblessed
I never nail the holiday decorations until the night before. It’s a hilarious and never ending process of ignoring current conversations while obsessing over the left corner being too low. #mraseksbespookin #finditstyleit #thriftstoreeverything
And now let the parental shinnanigans begin!! #happybdaypj
He's back and ready for Solidarity Sunday tomorrow morning. We both hope to see you here!!!#bonesjonesmahones #nastywoman #allarewelcome #activistchurch #solidaritysunday
Life hack #352: marry someone that you can stay up all night talking about politics, kids and Beyoncé and then wakes up to make you biscuits and gravy the next morning. Cause it's the bomb dot com.
Warm nights of an Indian summer playing darts, painting things and making stuff. Especially memories. #whyimgrateful #mraseksbechillin
YOU GUYS I SCORED THE HOLY GRAIL OF VINTAGE!!!! I have been searching for years for brass/gold flat wear and I finally found it!! It's gorgeous all 12 place settings with all the trimmings in a 3 layer box!!! It was one of those moments where you squeal, cry and throw your body on top of it like your saving it's life. #butitsavedme #icriedwhilepaying #wreckingballcollective #thriftscore #timeforadinnerparty
We are watching all the sports ball games!
And now the sumo wrestling portion of the evening begins. Always something. #mrallisons #whyimgrateful