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Hey y'all! I made the very tough decision of starting over on instagram! I've had so much fun on this account over the past two years but it's time to start over! I have way too many ghost followers and too many crappy pictures that would take forever to delete soo please follow my new account! I have soooooo many updates so check it out, I'll start posting once I get some followers. Love you guys, it's been fun❤❤❤ @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies @Camo_and_ponies
My games pony likes to jump! Haha she is being so good..our qualifying rally is Sunday! Wish my team luck. #CamoQueens #doyouevenyeeyee
Miss Lilly did he first pony party! I'm so proud of her. She was far from perfect but with it being her 4th time off property EVER in her whole life(shes 9) & there were bouncey houses and geese everywhere I'm pleased with how she did! I've had her since she was born and I've been the only one to ever do any training with her. She's the only horse I can say I trained 100% from halter training to breaking to riding to jumping & now pony parties!
*READ* so much to update y'all on!!! Here's Boo being cute with my hat.. tons of pics to come so read the captions for updates!
This is Visa, my vets horse who I'm borrowing for my C3 & possibly B pony club ragings. He's a 21 year old Argentine TB! He was saved from a feedlot & turned into an amazing eventer. He was short(or long, can't remember) listed to the olympics when he was in his prime. I'm excited to be working with a horse that has been at the highest eventing levels. it's going to be such a great learning experience for me! & I'm happy to get him back in shape with a job. I'll keep you guys updated!
Okay soo this is a bit of a serious least to me.
I just want to thank this pony for saving me. He has saved me when riding, he has saved me emotionally but most important he has saved me from myself. I have a great life..I have horses, a barn, both my parents, friends who love me & more. But sometimes none of that matters. You just feel so horrible about certain things or yourself that it eats you inside until one little thing sets you off & gives you horrible thoughts. The reason I'm alive is this pony. I worry about what he would do without me. I worry that without me no one would ever give him the love and attention he needs. I worry that he would lose his best friend. Although it's hard to get rid of these thoughts I cover them up with temporary feelings of happiness & put a smile on my face all because I know that I need to stay here to be with him. Thank you Peanut for saving me. Especially for saving me tonight. Stay with me forever? ♥
Here's a screenshot of my vault! I feel like a frog when I vault!
I DID IT!!!! I VAULTED FROM A CANTER! I love this pony so much she's an amazing teacher. Before this one she bucked me off while vaulting at least 5 times but after correcting her we finally got it! She let out a little side kick but that's way better than the bucked fits she was having befor! *She bucks because she is excited, her saddle fits perfect & she even has a half pad. She's also a mare so she's sassy*
tip of the day/evening: ALWAYS leave the ring with a smile on your face & give your horse a pat! I don't care if you didn't make it over a single jump, you still pat your horse! You can curse all you want back at the barn to get your frustrations out but until then you thank your horse for not killing you & look professional.
I always have to give a peak back after rubbing a rail..I get so nervous haha
I love my games pony so much! Her show name is "Shotz Fired" Any of my followers do mounted games?!!
anyone ever get chased by their ponies? Hahaha he thinks he's a dog I swear
hey y'all! I have soo much to update for you guys soo here we go..
I have owned Shotzi(pony in the pic) for 2 months now and we've been doing really well. Next thing is that I have a new horse coming tomorrow that I'm leasing for a while to hopefully get my C3 & B pony club ratings with, his name is Visa & I will post pics tomorrow! Next thing, I have some horses to sell! I have a small pinto (Miss Lilly) & I'm selling my big chestnut ottb (Boo). If anyone is interested just comment below for my email. I'll post more about them later. Last thing is to go follow my new IG! I'm keeping this one for horse related updates but this page ( @coveredincamoequestrian) will be for photoraphy, professional show pics, ect. Soo that's basically it. I'm gonna bomb you guys with photos and videos now..
I practiced games for the first time today on my new girl and she was AMAZING! She was a little hyper at first but once she realized that I am new to games she was a great teacher! I was doing a running vault and she stepped on my boot so I fell right on my ass! Haha but she stopped and we continued to improve! I have some videos I'll post soon:) ask me any questions about her you'd like to know!
Help! Should I make a new IG? I don't get half S many likes as I used to so obviously I have MAJOR ghost followers....maybe I should just start over instead. I'd keep this account as my back up. What do you think?