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magma89 285w ago
Happy bday  @kellinquinn! So. Much. Kellin. In this issue 

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I'm just glad it fit her now I don't have to procreate #sacramentoproud #auntduty
I love it when he does that 🗣🎤
Stuck between loving the platinum and missing the mullet
Whoever started the slow clap, 👏🏽 you rule 🤘🏼
A screenshot of a video of me expressing my 🗣frustration during a @sacramentokings game #tbt #sacramentoproud 🤷🏻‍♀️ #auntduty 👦🏻👩🏻 #ballislife #startthemyoung 📹 @_mmarriana 😘😂
magma89 10w ago
I didn't even have time to make a corny collage for @nancybezares birthday because we spent all afternoon just hanging out eating pop corn and coffee from les shwab and sharing fresas con crema y raspado but here's a screenshot I stole from her snapchat from our weekend at Hearst Castle. HAPPY birthday Yoya, you already know what it is 😘👯🎉