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bcassidy 286w ago
The "gourmet" burgers I made the other night. Turkey burger with 3 pepper gouda, avocado slices, and a spicy grilled tomato red pepper purée on a toasted wheat bun with roasted garlic mashed potatoes on the side. #yummy #food #grilling #foodporn #dinner

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Super fun night at the Crosstown Classic with @bambibloodlust and my parents. These seats behind home plate were pretty awesome!
Threw this video together in preparation for the bout this past Saturday. A battle it was... #rollerderby
Catching up on my Instagram posting... this was from Feb 10 when @bambibloodlust, @shaybo and I went to the "Eat, Skate, Love" pop-up roller disco. Super tiny "rink"! Super fun night!
My email at work looks way more epic with Rey holding it up. #thelastjedi #starwars
Tomorrow is the Rise holiday party! Flash back to when the marketing team decorated the office for the party invite! #FBF #flashbackfriday #risesnaps @riseinteractive #holiday #holidayparty
There are very few things better than a lap full of puppies!!! 🐶
My view for the day shooting photos for a work event. Not too bad... ...except for that Trump thing...
It's a beautiful day out and I'm Berning up!