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All she wanted was some more grass. I didn't realise how much grass cows ate untill this weekend. You'd be better off getting a cow than a lawn mower 😆 🐮
We got absolutely shat on by this weather, the only thing we could do was laugh ... and drink red wine #theclarencegorge
Daisy came up to our campsite to visit 🐄 #theclarencegorge
Let's go camping they said, it will be fun they said" 😣

Our camping weekend was cut short but we made the most of it by standing out in the rain drinking wine & scotch because everything got wet and windblown, while watching the guys trying to get 2 cars unbogged 😂#campinglyfe @the_navman
10.10 Happy birthday Bella #2yrsoldtoday 🎉🎈 That awkward moment when your new flatmate comes home and see's your cat decorated because you wanted to pretty her up for a birthday photo.😶
Today, October 10th is World Mental Health Day.

Did you know that 1 in 5 are affected by mental illness. The idea of today is to recognise the importance of mental health & suicide prevention and encourage anyone who is struggling to seek help.
Anxiety and depression are debilitating and can take over your mind and body, while supressing feelings only leads to emotional inner turmoil.
Talking to someone isn't weak, it's a step towards feeling better. 🌺
He was so beautiful & flew so close to the boat.
Happy birthday to this little dude. It's party time 🎈🎉
It's a big fat YES from me. LOVE is LOVE & what other people want to do is none of my business 🌈 #voteyes
Some of my favourite people 😊😎 So good to see everyone the past 2 weekends. I miss you guys! @mickeyboersen @jacs3
Guess what I did this morning...
🙃 When I first walked in my heart was racing, especially because of my own perception of guns (though I did shoot an AK47 at the Chu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam) but it was actually fun! The shotgun scared the s*** out of me though 😮
Best way to start the morning. Welcome spring 👊🌞