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Fiiiinally got to pick up my wedding dress today! πŸ‘°πŸ½And I got to see my favorite Conway girlies @shalynndenay and @katymcarnahan!! πŸ–€πŸ‘­Also added my favorite sister in law @ashli_lynn11 to the bridal party πŸ€— πŸ’πŸΌ And officially asked all of my precious flower girls, including sweet Sophie who came with us today! πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§πŸ’œ big thanks to @invernessbridal for helping me with my special day!
*when you ask your (soon to be) #instagramhusband to take the pic, this is what you get πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ*β €Theres no one else I’d rather drink beer and cheer on our country with! πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ I’m so glad we bonded over this sport almost 4 years ago 😊⚽️ #usa #usavspanama
I took the kids to a cool nature trail today and reassured myself that there is still natural beauty to be found outside of Arkansas πŸ˜… #neature 🌻🐢🐻 @realaussiesofhouston
Everyone stop what you're doing and wish my favorite niece a happy 4th birthday!!!! Sophie is the purest light of my life and brings so much joy. She dances to the beat of her own dramatic drum and makes the goofiest faces I've ever seen. I loves her lots! Happy birthday Princess Sophia!! @ashli_lynn11
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIE!!!! Thanks for making Houston a fun place to live! Here's to many more years of Willie's margs, making up line dances, and killing it in baseball! 🍻 Also, we need to start taking more pictures πŸ€”
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAY BAE!!!! I am forever grateful for Phi Lamb causing us to cross paths years ago. You've been an amazing friend and sister to me since day 1, and I miss you like crazy every day 😭 thanks for always being the life of the party, whether we're in Mexico or at prom in our living room πŸ˜‚. I hope you've had the best birthday weekend, I wish I could have been there to celebrate! LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUB BUBS!!! πŸŽ‰ if you're not already, go follow my pups page and like their cutie pictures! πŸ˜› #Repost @realaussiesofhouston (@get_repost)
They tell me I'm 1 years old. Idk what that means but they gave me treats so who cares!?
β € #aussie #jax #houston #australianshepherd #puppy #happybirthday #redtricolor #aussiesofinstagram #bark #happy #cute #realaussiesofhouston
If you follow me on Snapchat you know I'm a little obsessed with our dogs πŸ˜… ( bryanamae14) welllll I made a place to put all my pictures! Obviously I had to tie in my love for reality tv and make it a reality insta πŸ™ƒ so FOLLOW @realaussiesofhouston to see cute pictures and videos of our babies!!
Hope you don't mind I used this cutie picture πŸ˜› HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best sister-in-law I know!! Thanks for being a great mom to a great kid, and for making the perfect addition to our family! And thanks for always being the one to love on the animals I bring home as if they're your own 😊 love you! πŸ’œ
Every day is #nationaldogday at our house! I love these fur babies more than I love most people. Jax might be a little slow and Nova might be a bully but we couldn't imagine life without them! #aussies
Well y'all, I'm officially a Texan 🀠 I can't thank my family enough for driving 10+ hours to move me from Conway to Houston, and then spending the weekend with my future in-laws at Jonathan's grandparents in Galveston. I'm so happy that we got to bring both families together for a bittersweet transition!! β™₯️ feeling pretty blessed 😊(hope I'm not making you cry with this πŸ˜… @sheilakcarter ) safe travels home please!!!
Were you confused about that "Prom" I had? Us too. But no worries -- you can read about it in my new post, link in bio!
These are the friends that make my hometown so special, and make saying goodbye so hard. I love you both to pieces, thanks for making my last days in Arkansas memorable and for supporting me through all my journeys. I hope you guys are able to visit me lots in Texas! Miss you both already 😭❀️
This Saturday in Eureka Springs is off to a grape start!!! 🍷 πŸ‡
All I wanted for my 22nd birthday was to go to prom, and I have THE BEST friends that made my dream come true 😭❀️ I even got to crown our prom queen and watch him dance with his king and it was so beautiful 😜 oh I also got to check 'throw a party in Sam's honor' off my list! (Our theme was 'Sam') #adultpromsrock #feelin22
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best road trip buddy, enchilada chef, and nerf sword fighter I know! @hplouks you are a true gem and I owe another great friendship to @marissa_lintag , im so happy she brought you into my life! I hope you have the best birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @caitlynbarthol!!!!!! 🌞You're one of the kindest people I know and I'm so thankful that Phi Lamb and Marissa brought us together ❀️ oh and thanks for introducing me to wine ice cream 😬 I wish you were coming with us to NC 😭