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  Posted: Apr 24, 2012 10:57 AM FEED
1 X-Pro II

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I think I drove the longest fastest bluest car ever today. My lil mazda 2 would have fit in it times 3. Look at those rims @hawker75. Pity I only took it 3 blocks return then back to the hire car. But momentarily I felt like Brockie. 🏎 #totallydoesntsuitme
One kids gone to granny’s for the week, the other’s moved back into first position with ease. #staffygram
The diversity of life. Yesterday setting up a shop full of rubbish. Today organizing a high end raffle. #lifeofaprojectcoordinator
Coffee machine robot head. Her words. ☕️
Total legend. Came to work today to help set up Arts Parts. Needed her own high viz dress. 😂👌 #notsicktoday
It's coming... what a hard slog. Less than 1 week till open day! #savingtheplanet
And the award for the most miraculous gastro recovery goes toooo.... Dolcie Mae. Seen here excitedly trashing the lounge room, hours after projectile vomiting all over me. #mummyneedsawine
Our unexpected Saturday plans.. . gastro anyone? #gastroagain 😫
Three of my favourite designs from last week's 'What Floats your Boat' workshops I delivered for TMAG. Hundreds of kids and their families, stacks of rubbish and a paddling pool. #ilovemyjob
Dolcie just drew the most fabulous series of drawings for our fam. I can't comprehend that a 2.5 year old can do this, kids are incredible. 🎨
I ran workshop at TMAG today for the school holidays. Water vessels from rubbish. Look at the skill behind this baby!! 👏👏👏
Someone ate her @bakerandco_huonvalley cake with her eyes closed... must have loved every bit. ❤️
Where do you hang freshly made fettuccine? Why over the bath of course! 🍝
I just called... to say... I love yooouuuu. 💕
How I've been spending my weekends lately... preparing to open a new 'scrap store' called Arts Parts. Completely challenging, exhausting, repetitive and kinda amazing all at once. Every item in the store will be waste, the shop front will be constructed from waste timbers. We still have a long way to go till open day but it's coming. #savingtheplanet #waronwaste
Came home for a quick break between work shifts and look who made themselves right at home in my crotch... #staffy
Rainy night... perfect for looking at sunny photos filled with sunny people. ☀️ #myloves