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Late night fat girl noms.

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Joji’s instagram is now up! Follow for cute pics and daily updates ☺️ @kokishin_joji
When you get told you can’t have any more wet cat food this week because your poop smells up the entire house when you eat it 🙀💩
28 days till I’m back at Disney with this cutie. Thanks for always putting up with me (and letting me get a cat) ☺️ #nationalboyfriendday
Good kitty? Haven’t heard that term in a while
Guess who’s six months old?! 💕💕💕💕 (Hint: It’s Joji)
We've had our baby boy for 3 months today ☺️
One of these days I'll get a normal picture of him
Someone mailed Joji a new toy and he's loving it already 💛
You have to post a picture of your cat for international cat day right? 💕 #internationalcatday
When I am sad, I'm sad.
But when I'm happy,
oh god I'm happy
Can't get enough of this face. I'm such a lucky cat mom ❤️
I said, hey kids
We're all just the same
Oh what a shame