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  Posted: Apr 23, 2012 8:18 PM FEED
4 Inkwell
Not great for me, but necessary to get through this Monday. And my office partners humming #workgrind
  • Its gonna take a lot more than that to deal with our partners ;)

  • @allessajo good chance this humming might beat her complaining, or at least closely tie! THANK GOD WE HAVE EACHOTHER AND/OR HEADPHONES(;

  • Sometimes I put my headphones and don't even listen to music :) haha comeeeeee back!

  • @allessajo I wish I could have because I'm bored out of my mind!!!

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Yesterday was the most amazing, fun, beautiful shower I could have ever imagined. There is not one thing I would've changed. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people surrounding me and a bridal party and family that knows me so well they can throw me a complete shower without me knowing a detail and it being EXACTLY what I would envision. Thank you to everyone for coming yesterday. I can't wait for the wedding!!!!! ❤️😍
If you told me even a week ago I'd be going to the Cardinals game I wouldn't have believed you. But here we are, enjoying ourselves, living life, and not letting the scary stuff keep us from doing things we love to do together. Love this guy, love my family, and love my life ❤️ #birdgang
It's approximately 12:08am in AZ making it #TBT. But in HI time it's only 9:08pm making it still this babes birthday (and basically morning in her world), so this is a win win! So cheers to 26 babe. Take lots of tequila shots for me, I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH.
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 5:42 AM
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A few more, because I love these people fiercely. Also. Thanks to everyone for the birthday love, it means more than ever ❤️
Just trying to get a good birthday selfie and failing miserably. Today was kind of a fail in general. But I'm here celebrating another year (not celebrating being booted off my parents health insurance🙄 #26) and being surrounded by my favorite people from start to finish didn't suck. Love all you people that keep me sane day in and day out. Cheers to another year of me complaining about my life (mostly my body) to you all. Forever, or else.
One of my favorite people in the entire universe asked me to be her bridesmaid tonight. With all my bridal knowledge (which is not that much bc I'm the most lunatic bride in the universe but anyways) I KNOW this is the biggest honor approximately ever and the best birthday gift of all time. @mikaelamae if I had three words to describe you it would be kind, fierce, and pure. If you look up the definition of these three you embody them. Thank you for being you and making my heart so full tonight and so often. I can't wait to stand by you and cry like a really ugly baby in telluride on a cool September day. Love you forever and ever. ❤️
Posted: Oct 8, 2017 2:45 AM
16 Juno
I wish I had more words for the week we've endured. Or more words to thank all the people that have reached out to me. Or how much I love the hugs from strangers. Or the thankfulness for my family dinner last night. Or how close I feel to god this week. But I'm not good with words. So that's all I got. I'm thankful, grateful, sad, scared, confused, but most importantly I'm here. Love you all. Keep spreading love. ❤️
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 1:00 AM
11 Mayfair
Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes today. The outpouring of support has helped with getting through the shock of today. Still can't get over how lucky we are. Trying to remember the good in our weekend❤️#psalm91 #lovethemsohard
ATTENTION EVERYONE: THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN 22+ YEARS AGO. That statement blows my mind. They say there is no better friend than a sister, and I whole heartedly agree. We fight like sisters no doubt, but she's also my human diary, and my best friend. The wild spirit of us two, she is more courageous than most people I've met in my life, always ready for the next adventure. Here's to you Erika, my main B. My bridesmaid. My birthday bae (one day late bc I suck at life). I LOVE YOU!
Things I love about this woman/next bridesmaid shoutout: 1. she makes me laugh literally always, even when it's totally not appropriate to laugh 2. She understands me, like REALLY understand my mental breakdowns about things like when I found a new dimple in my ass 3. She understands the fit life but also understands that food is life (and cocktails), but mostly ALL FOODS. 4. She has NO filter, it's so refreshing!!! 5. She is taking the whole awkward odd man out bridesmaid thing like a champ!!!! Shoutout to @janeykaspari thanks for the cool ASU tickets this weekend, and being my best pen pal and my best Mormon B. Love you long time and then some
Posted: Sep 13, 2017 1:21 AM
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Disclaimer: I spent 30 minutes on my makeup and had some really great lighting for this photo (outside my garage on the wall). Also, I took 4 of these and I still don't love this picture. But reality is, Ive been super down on myself the past couple of days so I figured a smoulder look selfie and some likes from strangers may help my confidence. Don't tell me I'm the only one who does this. 😂 In other news, I am sooooo ready for FALL?! 🍁🍂 Aaaaand I wish I lived on the East Coast for these few months. That is all.
Bridal babe shoutout #2 goes to this super woman! @chelsealynnmatteson your ability to remain calm, during the crazy storms in your life is so admirable! ❤️ whether it be relationships, school, or family stress or us friends stressors, you've always got a positive outlook and try to make everything so fun. Thanks for being a listening ear for me when I need one, you're an amazing person and friend and I love you so much. 💋
Excuse our demon eyes but I wanted to post this because my bridal party is so damn good looking. And they're equally amazing personalities make them worlds best bride squad (not that I'm biased or anything). Love you all, except when you laugh while I almost die from choking on wine. ❤️😘💋
Going through old pictures and stumbled upon this gem. Little does anyone know we were SO SWEATY as this shoot was in the 115 degree heat. Since then I've stood by her in her wedding and now it's almost her turn to stand by me. Nothing better than a forever friend, 10 years strong and so many secrets kept! Taking this friendship to the grave. Admire her sweet soul, undeniable grace, and incredible gift to grow her hair faster than anyone on the planet. Cheers to you, bridesmaid❤️ #firstbridesmaidshoutout #tbt #lovethisbabe #fitfriendsunite #wingssosharp
Posted: Aug 28, 2017 11:53 PM
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So James and I have spent the past few months really pushing ourselves to be better to ourselves, better humans to others, and most importantly better to each other. I can't even put into words how much more it has made us appreciate one another. We still are normal, and have disagreements and bad days, but the truth is we have really come to realize that we are two peas in a pod, love spending quality time together, and truly have so much in common it is crazy. Cheers to Monday's, and cheers to you babe. Can't wait to marry you so soon. •••• #mcm #mancrusheveryday #relationshipsarework #andfun #marriedlife #honeymoonphasecanlast
Went to Sedona today to do my cake tasting and had a great idea to do a sister date day and hike prior to eating all the cake. It was 95(million) degrees, my sunburn is worse than passing out drunk in the Caribbean on your first day, I have huge blisters, and we honestly hated our lives the whole time. Moral of the story, all you Instagram couples that act like hiking to devils bridge is fun you're a liar. AND THE ONLY REASON I DIDNT TURN AROUND WAS BECAUSE I WANTED A PICTURE AND I LOOK LIKE AN ANT ON AN ANTHILL. On a positive note, the coulds were pretty in the sky (even though they refused to cover the sun). So, @loridhelmer when we going back?
So, started registering for the wedding today @crateandbarrel and dang was it so overwhelming. (Shoutout to C&B for the pamphlet to help calm my nerves). I said Oui Vey so many times that James looked up what it meant. But overall, it went well, we are on or way to finally not having a hodge podge of his bachelor kitchen set & my college kitchen set, so that's a plus. But just an idea, they should serve alcohol for this. ••••#weddingsosoon #momgavemeadeadline #imissedthedeadline #typical #procrastinationforthewin #crateandbarrel #crateandbarrelwedding #weddingregistry
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 6:45 PM
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OMG SAMMY IS TWO😍 Scroll for 10 pictures of my dog. And try not to die of cuteness overload when you get to the puppy pictures. I'm going to go cry now that I'm not spending the day with the best animal to walk the planet. (Unbiased opinion of course)
Made James take a picture of me after a 10 hour travel day (due to james 1.5 hour phone call upon landing from our 5 hour flight). He cut my head off... obviously. But hey, I really feel I rocked my dirty hair and bloated belly like a boss so let me do me boo💁🏻 turns out they make the cocktails strong here in Orlando💪🏼 SOS on life tomorrow.
Coming in hot on graduating college (finally), turning 26, and marriage I find myself struggling with my identity. Finding my purpose in this world, understanding why I am here, and what truly makes me happy. (More on this topic to follow). Although I may not be sure of much in what I'm calling my "my twenty-something crisis" I am SURE about marrying this guy, because there is nothing better than having someone in your corner without fail, every single day, forever.