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#EVVO99 out for a cruise out on the highway in Crandon. Cruising with Reedy behind the wheel, hope you get to drive something like this when your older bud, it’s a blast! You can show your sister how it’s done, or maybe she shows you dude!!! 🏎🏎 @highrevphoto capturing the beast while it sleeps.
Early morning adventure. Took the @polarisrzr #ace out to let Reedy drive and came across the hot air balloon take off spot. Pretty incredible to see the up close. #adventuresofreed
It’s times like this, you watch your kids playing in the sand, on an island, across the country, with family and you just think man, this is it, this is why we do everything! To see them be carefree, safe, healthy, happy, loving and to just know that’s my boy. It’s very heartwarming to be here with my wife Amber, Addie, Holly, Brian, Preston and Minnie and know that we are a family that does what it takes to give the true meaning of family. We lay it all out and on the line for ourselves and our children and the ones around us. This trip was insanely amazing but terribly disastrous at the same time. To my family that was awesome and had a smile on the whole time, I love you and thank you!!! The ones that had mad drama and a total nightmare trip on many levels, I’m sorry but we made honey outta horse shit and enjoyed the shit out of this trip!!!!! Nothing can stop positive people in a tropical place, north Captiva threw us some punches, almost literally, but we laid down a 1-2 combo and celebrated ourselves and had a blast! So thank you, thank you to the ones the deserve it. And to my Uncle BOB, I love you you badass son of a bitch, I wish I was half the man you are at your age! Hope you like the team Shirts and I hope you rock them at the old farts home!! Hope to see you again soon bud. And that’s enough 🙄 great trip, blah blah blah ✌🏿
On the gas and haulin ass!! Pro-4s are what’s up these days in the world of motor sports. I have amazing brands that support my program. Getting 2018 lined up and planned! Allot to figure out, but first let’s get this 5x locked down. Final round of Racing is only a couple weeks away!!! #braaap #motivated #startfresh #evvodos
The calm before the storm! The staging banter and smack talking is always fun! But visor down and it’s all Buisness!! Rockin the best equipment from the best brands for safety and performance. @tacoma_tyler always gets me dialed in EVVO before we roll out. Simple fist pump and we’re of to either come back on the hook or fists full of trophies.
Old school Prolite action! This is my old 4 banger ford ranger! #aeropackage 2005 CORR series. Back when Prolite’s were simple! Moto helmet, Moto goggles, no rock screen! Yeah I’m old! Started in 03, 14 years strong!! 87 career wins and working on getting to 100!!! #thereal99 #99forlife
Temecula we're gonna rip you a new one tonight!! Haha out on the town this fine Friday night. Amber, Jeana, Trad and myself are chillin.
Squatted and diggin. #evvo99 came to life this weekend. The progression never ends. More parts, more testing and more evolution. Sick shot from @defyfocusphotography with a little motion added to it. @monsterenergy @toyotires @kmcwheels @kingshocks @knfilters @rigidindustries @safecraft @je_reel @currieenterprises @actionsportscanopies @lucasoilproducts @sparcofficial @esterobeachhotel
This is reason we won on Saturday! Team, family and friends all got together this weekend and had a great time at the races. But it was chaos and we all worked our asses off. I let them all down with a mistake on Friday night but man did we make up for it Saturday. The truck needed a motor swap after qualifying and everyone jumped on deck and got it done with plenty of time to spare. We also made changes to the truck and this thing was ready! Fastest lap and brought home win #4 for the season. 1 more race day left, we just need to be smart and bring this Pro-4 championship #5 home. Thank all of you in and out of this picture.
You know when you see this kid on the roof, it means the competition is in trouble. Brought back a junk truck Friday night and poor Reedy met me with tears in his eyes. But Saturday he was on the roof with a huge and proud " number 1!!!!!" Love you buddy, time to teach your sister how to do that! 📸 @highrevphoto
Got Em!!! She's baaaaaaccccckkkk #evvo99 this team earned and needed it!!
Braaaaap. Big jumps with big chaos out here at Glen Helen motorsports park tonight. Come and enjoy the chaos.
Today we deliver. We push hard, work hard and are very sore losers! 😤 today will be the day we show why we are points champs. Yesterday we started out slow and had contact that resulted in a big wreck and broke my steering. Bummer for my team, family, friends and sponsors. We worked hard all night to get this beast happy. Tied in the points lead with 2 rounds to go. Time to shred and play the game. 📸 @highrevphoto
Lean wid it, rock wid it. Getting ready for battle here in glen Helen! Who's coming out!!! #localrace #nightrace #glenhelen
Haha who else is this excited about the races!!! Local race this time! Bring the whole family out to the races and then some!! Party party race race. Practice today! Racing Friday and Saturday night. Glen Helen raceway.
Act fast people!! I'm going to buy a bunch right now too. Get $10 OFF ANY TICKET to the races in San Bernardino. Go to the link in my BIO and pick your tickets, enter code LEDUC at the bottom and see the price drop $10! Offer ends Tonight! Monday 9/11 at 11:59 pm PT so get yours now! I'm basically giving you 10$ here people. Make it happen, use the code and cash out by skimming off the top! Haha. See you there!!
#evvo99 made its way to Crandon, full carbon lookin fresh. Sick photo shoot with @highrevphoto to capture the lines of this beast. By far the best looking truck I've ever built. Very proud of our creation, now let's make it a champion! @tradronfeldt @tacoma_tyler @battlebornengineering let's finish this off right and bring out the new #EVVO99 next year.
Talk to me Reedy, ( Quote ) . Best caption wins a team shirt!! So cool to have him this age and being able to enjoy the races and play with friends at the races. He's a pain in the $$$ sometimes but he's a kid and he will learn, hopefully to be a good kid and enjoy life. At this age everything is so dramatic 🙄 right @amber.leduc #reedtannin your next #addielyn " monster athlete water " by the way
Reedy behind the wheel of #EVVO99 in Crandon headed back from the parade. Making memories and maybe some day he will drive his Pro-Hovercraft back from the parade and try and win some money like his dad used to way back in the day. Haha. #onehanded #hesreadymom thanks Crandon for allowing these cool things to happen. #reedtannin