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r.h.sin 286w ago
The choice is yours...

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the 15th of Oct & the number 15 now holds meaning for both me and my wife | Number 15 is a blend of the vibrations of the number 1 and number 5. Number 1 relates to new beginnings, achievement and success. Number 5 resonates with the attributes of making life choices and important changes. Number 5 also relates to doing things your own way which is true for the both of us because we got married in a way that broke a social norm, something we’ve always done in our relationship is do things differently than others. Number 15 tells of independence, creativity, teaching others, and the energy of love. everything happens for a reason. October 15th will always be the day that me and my best friend took the vow to continue our dedication to one another. i’m so excited! can’t you tell! #sinmantha #srhxxii #newlyweds
r.h.sin 13h ago
married my favorite #poet yesterday evening in #Hawaii | i married my best friend | on to the next chapter of our lives | our union serves as proof of refusing to settle for less than we deserve | we dared to preserve ourselves for real love and somehow we found each other! #srhxxii #justmarried #newlyweds #sinmantha
it’s official, @samantha.king is now my wife as of 10/15/17 this evening (in Hawaii) #srhxxii #sinmantha
from “ planting gardens in graves “ by r.h. Sin #plantinggardensingraves
i’ve gained a lot of happy weight but it’s time to lose it without losing the happiness | this is me thinking about a burger 🍔 #shotoniphone | i love Hawaii, the people here are so grand, so nice.
21% off my new book “ algedonic “ this deal will end soon | reserve your copy at @barnesandnoble | link in bio #algedonicbook
21% off my new book “ algedonic “ this deal will end soon | reserve your copy at @barnesandnoble | link in bio #algedonicbook
december 19th 2016 | i was so nervous, i had never done something so serious in my life before but in all the decisions i’ve ever made as an adult, asking you @samantha.king to marry me was the biggest and most important one of all. i planned that whole day out and i remember thinking to myself that my life will always continue to elevate as long as you’re by my side. my life will always continue to maintain it’s beauty as long as i keep you close. i’m happy to have struggled with you as well as to have been able to celebrate so many victories as your partner, your best friend, your lover and fiancé. thank you for your continued support and dedication. thank you for allowing me into your heart. for those of you who own any of my may not have noticed that the shape of the engagement ring and the tear drop shape that is featured on some of my books....all in part, a way of dedicating my art to the woman i love. (this sapphire is actually blue by the way) | if you have a good woman, celebrate her, don’t hide her. and if that woman loves you, consider yourself the luckiest soul on earth. the type of love you wish for really does exist. #srhxxii #sinmantha
21% off my new book “ algedonic “ this deal will end soon | reserve your copy at @barnesandnoble | link in bio #algedonicbook
from the book “ algedonic “ by r.h. Sin | link in bio
Samantha is sleeping and it’s moments like this in silence where i reflect on how much i adore her. so brave and beautiful. so strong and intelligent. i’ve been waiting for a woman like her for so damn long and i am grateful for all the moments we share. i love the way we began...learning each other, supporting one another, dating with a purpose. we found each other because we refused to settle. i love her the way a man should love the woman of his dreams. #srhxxii #sinmantha