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  Posted: Apr 23, 2012 1:02 PM FEED
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@leilanimcgonagle 🇨🇷 has become the first surfer to ever receive an Olympic Scholarship from the Costa Rica National Olympic Committee (@comiteolimpicocr). Just three years out from Surfing’s Olympic debut at @tokyo2020, support for Surfing on a national level is being stepped up all around the globe. #SurfsUp #ForABetterSurfingFuture #OlympicSport

Photo: @benreedphoto
Meet 2017 ISA Scholarship winner from #India, fifteen-year-old, Chandrappa Jamo. Chandrappa started surfing just over a year ago and has been using only borrowed boards. Despite the short amount of time he has been surfing, he is hooked and believes it will be a life-long hobby. The ISA Scholarship will allow him to purchase his first surfboard so that he can progress much faster and keep his passion alive. Chandrappa will also be able to pay for his school uniform, tuition fees, and travel expenses to enter the Chennai Competition in India.

A record-breaking 21 countries mixed sand from their nations to symbolize peace through Adaptive Surfing at the 2016 @stancesocks ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship.
2017 is expected to be another record-breaking edition. Don’t miss the action Nov 29 - Dec 3 live on

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The ISA held the first ISA Coaching and Instructing Courses in #Lithuania from August 13-20. Twenty-two students from Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia participated in an intensive week of back-to-back courses including the ISA Judging Course, ISA/ILS International Surf + SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course, ISA Surf Level 1 Course, and ISA Flat Water SUP Instructor Courses.

The courses marks a big step in the growth and development of Surfing in Lithuania and exemplifies the increasing global reach of the sport ahead of @Tokyo2020.
Photo: Lithuanian Surfing Association #Surfing #SUP #ForABetterSurfingFuture
2018 ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship | Riyue Bay ☝🏽, Hainan Island, China | January 19-25 | LIVE on

Photo: Augustin Munoz #ISAworlds #China #Longboard #Surfing
Japan's Keanu Kamiyama running full steam ahead towards Surfing's Olympic debut at @tokyo2020. 🥇 🇯🇵 Photo: @benreedphoto #ISAworlds #VISSLAISAworldjuniors #Tokyo2020
"My goal is to put Canadian surfing on the map. There are not a lot of girls surfing back home, but I hope my participation (in the #VISSLAISAworldjuniors) can encourage more girls to take up the sport and get in the water." - @mathea_olin, Canada Junior Team

Photo: @benreedphoto #ISAworlds #Japan @csasurfcanada
Next up for the ISA? The world's best adaptive surfers head to La Jolla, California for the third edition of the 2017 @stancesocks ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship Nov 29 - Dec 3.

Catch it LIVE on

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With 4 podium finishes at the #VISSLAISAworldjuniors, @leilanimcgonagle 🇨🇷 is the epitome of consistency. (2014 Silver & Copper, 2016 Bronze, & 2017 Silver.) Photo: @waterworkmedia #ISAworlds @fedesurfcr @visslasurf
At the 2017 #VISSLAISAworldjuniors in Japan, the international Surfing community united to celebrate the life of 16-year-old Zander Venezia, who recently passed away surfing in his home of Barbados.

Zander had been a three time ISA Junior competitor and was selected to compete in Japan in 2017.

#LiveLikeZander #ISAworlds

Photo: @benreedphoto
The world's best junior surfers have bid farewell to the 'land of the rising sun,' however, we expect to see a few of these surfers back in 3 years' time, this time around competing for the first Olympic Gold Medals in Surfing at @tokyo2020.

Photo: @benreedphoto #VISSLAISAworldjuniors #ISAworlds
41 nations united in peace through Surfing, about to embark on what would become a #VISSLAISAworldjuniors for the record books.

Photo: @benreedphoto #ISAworlds #VISSLAISAworldjuniors
Hawaii's @brisahennessy joined an elite group of surfers upon being crowned a two-time ISA Jr Champ at the 2017 #VISSLAISAworldjuniors in Japan. Who else has accomplished this feat? Do @tatiwest, @tylerwright, and @stephaniegilmore ring a bell? I think it's safe to say Brisa has a bright future ahead of her.

Photo: @waterworkmedia #ISAworlds #Japan
306 surfers, 41 nations, 8 days of competition, 4 new World Champions.
#VISSLAISAworldjuniors #ISAworlds