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User Image ignoblin Posted: Apr 23, 2012 5:07 AM (UTC)

8 Lo-fi
  • haha😜

  • tofero 5y ago

    Fcuk Chaz Kroeger

  • @tofero Ya, well I hear if you burn a note with your crush's name on it and say "I'm a Troll" three times he will fall in love with you. Hurray! Burn you shittooth fuck, like a paperback novel. In short my friend (which I don't do) agreed!

  • One of your hash tags is vagina dentata?? You belong in our house of fucked up weirdos. Drop by anytime. Bring DHP if you must. Which of course you must.

  • @sarah_problem In fact it is also written in one of the burning bubbles, hidden I suppose. Anyways I'll take that as a compliment, I will immediately tell this life I'm leaving for the circus, call the British Film Actors Hall of Fame as that is where I believe DHP is and we'll head to the fuzzy patch at the bottom of the world where I'll expect you will have Vegimite waiting for us.

  • 😱

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User Image ignoblin Posted: Jan 2, 2018 12:11 AM (UTC)

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I decided to check out my best 9 for the last two years. Thank you for all the likes and comments. I posted a lot less this year but the statistics aren’t important. What is not summarized above are all the laughs, the encouragement and the great people that are still with me into my 6th year of Instagram. Man, has it changed and yet there is a lot of good people that have stuck in there. I’ve noticed a lot less talking, a lot less collaboration and many of the groups that had once united the peeps have grown stale or fell away altogether. I’m sure some of this perception is on me because the attention I have to put out there has been less than previous years. All I can say is, thanks for including me, listening to my silly antics, reading my scattered prose and just being with me on my adventures. I don’t always say much but please know that it’s you that brings me back and often make a piece of my day. Happy 2018 double-tappers. - IGnoblin

#bestnine2017 #bestnine2016 #happynewyear2018 #thankyou #instagram #doubletappers
User Image ignoblin Posted: Dec 24, 2017 7:44 AM (UTC)

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Thank you Miss Vicious @tash_dawn22 for inviting me for Christmas Radio Fun! Thanks to anyone who came to check the show out, I know I posted last minute. One of us was dressed festively and cheerful, it was not me 😴😂🎅🏻
- IGnoblin/ Lord Jingle’Bad

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User Image ignoblin Posted: Dec 24, 2017 3:10 AM (UTC)

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This tree looks like it has the Christmas-time blues. You don’t have to. It would be my greatest pleasure if you would come check me out on the radio and allow Miss Vicious and myself make you an awesome Christmas Soundtrack. I promise each song I pick tonight is a gift and YULE surely get a chuckle and a Ho Ho Ho. "A Hot Mess" Presents: "Radio Friendly Revengemas 2017" with Miss Vicious Ft. Lord Mix'M'Bad - Saturday December 23rd, 2017 @ 10:15PM to 12:00AM Saskatchewan Time [In one hour!!] turn on the radio to 91.3 FM or boot up your computer and log in to and click "listen live," or get the App. So tune in 10PM central time, Midnight in the east, 9pm in the west. DM me for an MP3 version of the show and I’ll send it out ASAP. Don’t miss out on these Merry Radio Friendly Revenge Tunes, sure to make a special Christmas time listening experience. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
- IGnoblin / Lord Jingle’Bad

#Christmas #OverTheRadio #RadioSongs #CJTR #ReginaCommunityRadio #AHotMess #Radio #RadioShow #LordMixMBad #MissVicious #coversongs #music #metal #funnysong #fun #specialevent #RevengeMusic #viral #show #joinUs #revengemusic #revenge #Radioathon #CheckItOut #ChristmasPlaylist #JollyFacts #ChristmasJokes #headbanging #Revengemas
User Image ignoblin Posted: Dec 20, 2017 3:59 AM (UTC)
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I’m on hour 14 of 16, I’ve been halfway to Uranium City and almost back. Just stopped to take a breather. Then I remembered @chalcus gave me this #awakechocolate currently it sounds like a present from jeebus himself. I don’t subscribe to energy drinks and the like as I know they come at a cost. If you are tired, you might get a momentary reprieve but you can’t cheat your body, it will win (or lose) in the end. However right now I want coffee, I want chocolate and this seems like the best idea ever. Look at that little owl, what a hoot! If I don’t make, sing the songs of my people as tribute, “Look at this photograph, Every time I do it makes me laugh, How did my eyes get so red? And how many Awake bars have I had?”
- IGnoblin (I passed a place called Leask 😂 Why is that so funny to me? It gave me a new Leask on life. All the people there have a terrible speech impediment and they Leask their words. Gold! GOLD!”
User Image ignoblin Posted: Dec 19, 2017 10:27 PM (UTC)
7 Clarendon
This is Ian driving (no big surprise)
This is Ian driving on a lake... (okay that’s new)
Think Ice Road Truckers... but I’m in a Mazda. I’m thankful I’m not lost yet in the way up north... I think. 🙏🤭

#iceroad #northernsaskatchewan #illelacrosse #prayforme #iceroadtruckers #mazda #mazdacx5 #notlostyet
User Image ignoblin Posted: Dec 17, 2017 10:11 PM (UTC)

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Last night was wonderful, thank you @duncan_noel for the invite to the best Christmas party going. I can’t believe how beautifully you decorated everything, from the walkway to the vintage Santa’s everywhere to be seen. I could spend hours admiring that tree! Not to mention all the food, and I only took this picture after everyone was done. Lastly I love the tie with the bottle opener and my “Heathens Greetings” button. Thanks again, I need another nap now 😇😂🙏🎅🏻
- Ian

#christmastree #christmasparty #christmasdecorations #christmaspresent #christmasselfie
User Image ignoblin Posted: Dec 15, 2017 1:09 AM (UTC)

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“Daywalkers” Prt. 1
The hunt has never stopped. Vampires are beings without a human soul. They take human likes without conviction, feeding like leeches at all the souls they can sink their fangs in to. Shit, look at the things humans are capable of doing WITH a soul. Whatever, they can throw them away if they want to but they deserve the choice at least. Me, I’m a different story, a vampire with a soul, they call me the Daywalker. I might be the only sad bastard who knows what humanity is up against. So one by one, I hunt the hunters and maybe, just maybe I get to save a few souls from the monsters hidden among them. That mission led me here, another sad excuse for a biter. After all this time, I never expected to run in to another Daywalker. I tracked the creature for a while, maybe it had a soul, maybe it would become an ally in the war to come? Still don’t know what to make of this sparkling bullshit. Nope, this fanger had some lost human wrapped up in its web of deceptions, feeding off her soul and it’s only a matter of time before he turns her too. Mutha-fucka gonna meet a bad end. (Blade)
- IGnoblin

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User Image ignoblin Posted: Dec 12, 2017 12:06 AM (UTC)

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Days ago, I heard this strange ding noise and I was “what the hell was that?” Then I noticed I had a Kik notification and I was like “I still have Kik? Who still uses that? I don’t talk to people, something suspicious was afoot.” So I received a message from Chloe here and it started out with relevant small talk that only occurred once a day at a random time. I thought “only a human would be that lazy.” Still I remember the massive bot influx in the olden days, so for fun I decided to see how crafty robots have become. Then I got this message and the reply to my question was something about a real person would check out her link and like a picture of her in swimwear. I deleted that message for this picture because obviously I’m much more entertaining. Yep, I talk to robots in my spare time and I like to think I’m giving them a hard time. If I’m lucky, some scammer has to read about Unicorns to figure out how I broke his toy. To prove you are a real person, how would you answer my question? I will answer yours. 👋 - IGnoblin-Breaker-Of-Bots
User Image ignoblin Posted: Nov 28, 2017 2:25 AM (UTC)

14 Normal
I got some new dice from @criticalhitcollectibles today. They are called #mineralvein and they appear like unassuming black dice until a bit of light reveals the veins of color with. They are pretty neat, got the emerald, ruby and amethyst. Although my d20 in the amethyst set (purple) it seems was accidentally a ruby colored one. Also got hit with an unexpected brokerage charge from the border. All that being said, go check out Critical Hit Collectables as they have lots of neat stuff, happy gaming. - IGnoblin

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User Image ignoblin Posted: Nov 13, 2017 5:38 AM (UTC)

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"Oh, Whoa, Whoa, She's a Lady"
Logan: Lady, You smell like Wade and stale Cotton Candy. You ain’t him though. You fight like him... except better.
Wanda: That’s MISS Lady to you Porcupine Douche.
Headpool: Anyone ever tell you that you look a bit like that Hugh... umm.. Grant guy?! Logan: It ain’t polite to hit a Lady, but there is no rule about floating heads.
Wanda: What? It isn’t polite to hit a Lady? Well I will be sure to apologize to you Mam... after I kick your ass. - IGnoblin

#Ignoblin #toyphotography #toycomics #toycrewbuddies #toyrevolution #Ata_dreadnoughts #ToyCommunity #BestGFX #pimpdinkpeddler #toyartistry #JustAnotherToyGroup #toyuniverse #notyouraveragetoyphotographer #toygroup_alliance #RebelToysClub #ToyElites #digitaldexteritydepictions #TopToyPhotos #LadyDeadpool #Headpool #Wolverine #Deadpool #ChicksDigLadyDeadpool #DeadpoolCrew #BreakingTheFourthWall #WandaWilson #Logan #ShesALady
User Image ignoblin Posted: Nov 10, 2017 5:58 AM (UTC)

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Hey kid, I remember a long time ago you had a pretty clear plan. I remember this certainty that you’d find a way to make the world a little better. I’m not sure if you ever did but I’m happy to learn your convictions remain. You still have empathy after all this time, after what I’m sure has been some trying moments. Maybe your world is not what you expected it would be but you still believe in people. You’re still funny as hell. You have a way about you. I hope you never lose yourself. I hope you find some happiness along the way. I can’t shake this feeling of time passing but one thing still rings true, I’m proud of you. - Me

P.S.: Too bad about the hair but you still look pretty good in a kilt.
#throwbackthursday #graduation #peptalk #me #tbt #kilt
User Image ignoblin Posted: Oct 31, 2017 2:41 AM (UTC)

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Some Halloween Stories: Wearing furry faux pelts are a very warm thing to do and it seems to make strangers compelled to pet a fella. A lot of drunk people accosted me and demanded pictures. One lady demanded I speak Norwegian to her. I notified her I’m more Celt or Pict than Norse, so she yelled Norwegian at me. I replied in Gaelic. She seemed very happy about that. I received many fist bumps but the strangest one was from some fella while we were both at a urinal. A guy with a plastic Spartan outfit was flexing for ladies, he looked at me, physically and audibly sighed and walked away, avoiding eye contact for the rest of the night. Some guy who told me he owned a meat store, kept yelling “You’re huge!” and gave me hugs, he was crushing hard. Some girl danced with me. Later on she fell down and hurt her ankle. She was getting medical attention near the exit of the establishment and she saw I was leaving, so she kept yelling “I love you” at me. I might be missing a few precious moments but it was fun, might have even been worth delaying watching Stranger Things. Thanks Patti and Aman!
- IGnoblin the Woolly Mammoth Barbarian
#Ignoblin #halloween #halloweencostume #barbarian #pict #celt #costume #cosplay #halloweenparty #halloweenstories #halloween2017 #ignoblinhalloweencostume
User Image ignoblin Posted: Oct 29, 2017 4:04 AM (UTC)

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