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daphpunk 286w ago
Flashback to the time the CCB recorded their album in Philly.
  • Contemplating if I should unfollow you or not... As per conversation today. Taking up my entire feed with old photos from FB. Lol hahhahahah it's supposed to be INSTANT!!!

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We missed some doggie costume contest at the dog park today, but we had fun regardless. Check out the Mystery Machine dog. 😂
When someone asks #johnkrasinski for advice to give a newlywed couple, based off of his role of Jim and his tv relationship with Pam. Also everyone kept asking him about The Office at the #JackRyan panel. #nycc #nycc17
One of my very first NYFW shows in Fall 2010, back when I was cool and people liked me. I was a baby and walked like a freaked out ostrich. #foreverawkward
Aww I know it's not Thursday yet but this was one of my favorite #NYFW shows to do at the Lincoln Center. #MBFW #tbt
Can I just say, omg how incredible is she? We had pretty meh seats, but it didn't matter. She is so talented. ☎️ #ladygaga