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We planned on going to workout, but we ended up chasing and moving cows... #bestfriendgoals #AdventuresWithBamBay
When you decide to go hunting last minute and can’t find your face black..... @tartecosmetics eyeshadow works just fine, and it stays on longer too. 😂
#cottoncamo #tarte
Only a week late of posting these, but I wouldn't haven't wanted to go to Wendells with anyone else. #thatthirdwheel #CHEESYTOTS 😂🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
P.S. @lukecombsmusic ILYSM
When you don't want to deal with the "tax free traffic" when you come to Columbia, so you make a last minute (well hour) trip to @paintingwithatwist @pwatcolumbiasc
Can't tell where the sky begins and the water ends
No clouds to hide the sun
Waves playing me a symphony upon the sand
I lay drifting on the ocean with this bottle in my hand

Sat down on the boardwalk for a little while
Your memory my company
Something about this place had a way to make you smile
You always loved this island breeze

The wind whistling across my bottle still can't blow away the sorrow
That tomorrow you won't be here with me
So I raise it up and toast the day we met
I won't forget the way you love me, the amazing way you love me

It's bittersweet, you see
You're not here but I can feel you
Every memory is on the tip of my tongue
Close my eyes, see your face, hold on tight to yesterday
Praying when I wake, it was just a dream
It's bittersweet. 💙

You said life is only borrowed
So let's wash away our sorrow
That tomorrow I won't be here with you
Go and live your life with no regrets and don't forget how much I love you
I love you
Bacon butter, pan-fried corn and fresh mountain trout.
#castironskillet #eatlocal
"I know you've loved me as long as I've lived, but I've loved you my whole life." ❤️ #HappyFathersDay #BigBobbyLittleBobbi
Double yolk eggs are my favorite. 👌🏽😛#yardbird #orangeyokes
• how 'bout them apples? •

The @lodgecastiron way is the only way I know how to do apple pie.
I bet you didn't think I'd eat steak three nights in a row..... ha, I bet you're wrong too. 😍😛#certifiedsc #EATBEEF
When you're learning about beef, why not see how it tastes too?! #twonightsinarow #EATBEEF #thewestwasntwononsalad and of course I have to support @certifiedsc while in Missouri!